John Estrada confirms that Priscilla Meirelles is pregnant

Last July 11, 2011, John Estrada revealed that his wife Priscilla Meirelles is pregnant on the noontime show Happy Yipee Yehey. The actor/host and the Brazilian Miss Earth got married last February 26 in La Union. This is Priscilla’s first pregnancy.

The feeling of John is accustomed to because he already had four children, Inah, Moira, Kyla and Yuan, from his previous marriage to Janice De Belen. And according to John, his children are also excited for the upcoming baby especially Yuan because he wants to be a kuya, although he already had one (Luigi – the son of Janice with her ex-boyfriend, Aga Muhlach), Yuan also like to be called kuya, while the girls, Inah, Moira, and Kyla love kids.

In an interview with TV Patrol, John said that they have not yet see a doctor, but Priscilla’s three previous pregnancy tests showed that she is expecting a child. “My wife just got back from Miami kaya bukas kami pupunta sa OB-Gyne. Swerte ako, hindi maarte asawa ko pero maya-maya lang nag-uutos. Ako naman, ‘Okay babe.’ Spoiled ‘yun sa akin ngayon.”

He added that he had prior suspicion that his wife was pregnant. “Siyempre malalaman mo naman yan. Nakikita mo sa physical change, medyo lumalaki na.”

Knowing that his new marriage is going to be blessed with a child, John said he is more inspired to work as co-host of HYY and as part of the teleserye Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin. He also admitted that he wants to have a baby boy as his first child with Priscilla, but what’s more important is the health of Priscilla leading to her safe delivery.

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