Kean Cipriano’s Status

The rock-actor, Kean Cipriano’s first movie with the award winning actress Eugene Domingo is Ang Babae sa Septic Tank which is an Indie film entry of Marlon Rivera in the upcoming Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

The Philippine Entertainment Portals get the chance to have an interview with the actor. The Callalily lead singer declares his admiration to the award winning comedian.

He said. “I admire her… she’s very lovely—Eugene Domingo, alam mo ‘yon? That’s how I see her. Alam mo ‘yon, that’s me, as a fan… And now as a friend, alam mo ‘yon, I found a friend in her,”

In a short period of time that they are together in one movie, their relationship becomes deeper.

“Hindi maiintindihan ng kahit na sino, kapag naging… kapag magaan ‘yong loob n’yo sa isa’t isa, e. Ako, magaan ‘yong loob ko sa kanya. Alam mo ‘yon, parang ang saya nung life, ang saya nung flow, ang saya nung atmosphere namin. Kaya ayun.” It is ok for Kean to get involve or be linked in a more mature woman.

Kean was said to be single and searching. And when he was asked what is his ideal girl. He said:

“I always look for a respectful girl, Respectful sa lahat ng bagay; na she knows how to respect me, my friends, my family, my faith, alam mo ‘yon? A… respectful girl. Physical? Basta pasok siya sa… basta attracted ako. Basta attracted ako sa kanya, kung ano ‘yong itsura, hindi ko alam.”

Kean was previously linked to Dina Paner, Arci Muñoz, and Rachelle Ann Go.

Ang Babae sa Septic Tank was the first movie of Kean.

He said…

“It’s my very first. I was devirginized in this movie!” he jested.

In his experience, He said…

“Saya, saya! Nung una, kabado ako.I don’t really work, I just played, alam mo ‘yon? Yong una kabado, kabado, indie film… Una, indie film, iba talaga sa TV,”

What’s more fulfilling for Kean, TV or movie?

“Both. Both… It’s a two different categories, pero nasa isang branch lang sila, e. Did you get me? Parang ano ‘yan, e, parehas siyang entertainment, parehas siyang may camera, parehas siyang acting, alam mo ‘yon? Pero ibang dimension lang siguro. Kasi siyempre, sa TV, ang gagawin mo, may pressure ‘yan, e. May rush ‘yan na kailangan mapalabas na ‘to. So, kailangan tapusin na natin ‘to, matapos ng alas-siete ng umaga. Alam mo ‘yon? So, ito namang movie, parang kumbaga, parang mas refined siya na TV, alam mo ‘yon? ‘Yong may lahat ng mga eksena na kailangan, alam mo ‘yon?” May sense ba ‘yong sinasabi ko?” he said.

The actor was first identified as the lead singer of the band Callalily. Kean’s music career is still continuous even he has an acting career. He said that music is one thing that he can never leave.

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