Kris Aquino’s Tweets on Junjun Binay.

Around 8 o’clock in the morning, July 18, 2011, The Queen of Media, Kris Aquino expressed her deepest disappointment through her twitter account. Before the friendship of Kris Aquino and Mayor Jujun Binay could reach a comfortable stage, Kris Aquino have decided to stop seeing him after feeling insulted with his marriage comments in a Philippine star article.

Kris Aquino is annoyed because for Kris, Junjun had been so ungentlemanly when he stated that he and Kris are dating. Kris denied the issue stating that it was just a friendly hang-out.

For months, the public had speculated that Junjun might be the newest apple of the eye of Kris. The two are often seen together inpublic places such as the malls and high-end restaurants. Kris and Junjun were both single and available, but Kris outburst of unparalleled annoyance came as a surprise when Junjun affirmed that they are dating. Junjun was quoted in an article in the Philippine Star. He said “Yes, we are good friends. We saw the Justin Bieber concert together, and by gosh, when you’re with Kris, everybody wants to have a picture with her.”

In the same article, Junjun added: “Why do people marry? Because of lack of knowledge…Why do people separate? Because of lack of experience…Why do people remarry? Because of loss of memory.”

Kris Aquino commented about this statement in her Twitter Account, She said, “There’s a quote attributed to him about marriage, separation & remarrying. I know he tried to be witty, but it offended me.”

Kris substantiated this statement with a follow-up tweet. She said, “Thanks to all. May I just explain? I got so sensitive about ‘getting married because of a lack of knowledge, separation is a lack of experience, remarrying is loss of memory’- the truth is james & I have learned so much & we won’t forget the painful lessons we’ve learned.”

Kris also tweeted that she is not proud of her failed marriage and it should have been hers and James’s sixth wedding anniversary last July 10. “When separated & waiting for annulment to be granted there r bad days & sad days- I’m not proud our marriage failed & I cried the whole of july 10- because it would’ve been our 6th wedding anniversary,” Kris tweeted.

As finality, Kris’s parting tweet assures that she is putting her son’s interest as her priority. “U know y I put my sons 1st? Because they never asked to grow up in a broken home & bimby at 4 yrs old deserves constant reassurance that he’s loved by both his papa & mama,” Kris tweeted.

Kris notes that even though she and James have already separated, they try to maintain a peaceful relationship for the sake of their son, Baby James. “That’s y james & I try to live in peace, because we love bimby much more than we care about our pride or ego!,” Kris tweeted

According the news, Junjun asked for forgive to Kris, but she choose to avoid him already to stop other speculations. And on Kris last post on twitter, she said, “In conclusion, nag sorry si jun last night but I guess it’s truly best for us to just avoid each other so no more talk about us.”

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