Mark Gil’s side regarding the father of Andi’s unborn child.

Two weeks has past when Jaclyn Jose confirmed the pregnancy of her daughter Andi Eigenmann. But after the said confirmation, there still many speculations of who is the real father of the unborn child of the young actress. Jaclyn Jose define that the father is the first boyfriend of Andi. Two names are usually being alleged, Jake Ejercito and Albie Casiño. Jake Ejercito decline that he is the first boyfriend of Andi. But on Albie’s side, her mother said that Albie also is not the first boyfriend of Andi, and there is no problem if her son is the father of the child Andi is bearing but there should be a DNA test.

At the back of the story, Mark Gil, the father of Andi, remain silent with the issue. But in the article that has been showed by Dolly Ann Carvajal in last July 6, 2011, Mark Gil did not hamper his feelings with what is going through with his daughter.

He said: “The father will remain unknown! Di na mahalaga yun. Maraming tatayong ama sa apo ko, lalo na ako. I wouldn’t wish my grandchild to [be around] a wimpy father who is still breast-fed by his mother.”

The statement of Mark Gil with the issue to the pain that cause pregnancy to his daughter was:

“Masakit sa kahit sinong babae na ginulpi at binuntis at tinalikuran, tapos papalabasin pa na si Andi ang maraming boyfriend. Sobra na yun. At may DNA test pa na hinihingi. Such a hypocrite and pathetic animal!”

Like Andi, Mark also clarifies that Jake Ejercito is not the father of the unborn child of his daughter. In fact, Mark said that jake is the “Knight in shining armor” of his daughter. Jake is a very refined kid and their family likes him a lot. Jake has never left Andi’s side in spite of her situation. And Mark also believes that Andi’s career will not be affected even if Andi will be out of showbiz for the mean time.

Mark said that he sees the situation as a “beautiful thing” and that is not a bad situation for Andi. And she still has a long way to go in her career. Mark Gil is still confident that Andi will still always stand strong for who she is.

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