Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla leave the country for European Honeymoon

Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez

Robin and Mariel got married in India last year August 19, 2010 at a mosque near the famous Taj Majal. Action Star, Robin Padilla and his wife and TV host Mariel Rodriguez have left the country for their European honeymoon. Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla told Entertainment Live! that it is her wish to spend their honeymoon in Europe. Paris, Vatican City and Amsterdam are on their list. They left last Tuesday, July 26, 2011, together with other stars and staff of the teleserye, Guns and Roses. They will have a series of performances for the Filipino community abroad.

Mariel Rodriguez revealed that it has always been her dream to have a honeymoon with her love one in Europe and Robin Padilla fulfills her dream. Mariel also said that, this honeymoon is Robin’s surprise to her. Mariel didn’t know anything about all the plans and the itinerary. Robin is the one who asked the ABS-CBN to have their leave.

A few days later, Mariel sent pictures and she said that they have been to the Vatican City, Paris and Amsterdam. From Amsterdam, she sent this text message: “I feel so blessed that as a Catholic I was able to go the Vatican City. I was able to pay my respects to my religion.”

Last April, Robin and Mariel were not permitted by the Catholic Church to have a church wedding.  While Mariel is Catholic, Robin remains a Muslim. In an interview in June, Robin said he planned to bring Mariel to the Vatican to ask permission to marry in Catholic rites.

Apart from Robin and Mariel, Diether Ocampo and rumored couple Bea Alonzo and Zanjoe Marudo also joined the trip.


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