Kris Aquino and James Yap resolve division of wealth

After their decision to have separate ways, Kris Aquino and James Yap had recently resolved their division of wealth.

There was no pre-nuptial agreement between Kris and James before they got married which leaves a big question to many as to how they will divide their wealth.

But even though their marriage did not come into a happy end, Kris still defended James regarding this issue. During an interview with ABS-CBN News yesterday, she said, “Alam niyo, wag niyo naman siyang maliitin kasi MVP din naman siya. Malaki din ang kita niya.”

The Philippines’ Queen-of-all-media said their settlement agreement was ‘fair’ yet she declined to reveal its details for the reason that she does not like to be reprimanded by the judge. She clarified that what matters most to her now is to have a harmonious separation.

“Kung ano man ang naging settlement namin, it was fair. I don’t think he was greedy. It was something na pinagtrabahuhan ko rin naman pero marami naman blessings na dumating din. Sinasabi ko na rin na because of that marriage, I have the biggest blessing because of Bimby,” she said.

In their few years of marriage, the estranged couple had a son.

Also during the interview, Kris mentioned that she is in no hurry for the annulment of their marriage. “It’s not like I’m going to get married tomorrow. It’s not like there’s anybody in the horizon. Tanggap ko na, noh,” she said.

Meanwhile, James Yap also declined to unveil the details of the said arrangement. Through his representative from Kapunan, Garcia and Castillo Law Offices, lawyer Sonya Benemerito-Castillo disconfirmed the hearsays that Yap received from the agreement an amount of 48 million pesos.

In a text message she said, “The gag order issued by the Court prevents us from speaking about all matters pertaining to the case. However, in view of the malicious rumors circulating, we are constrained to set the records straight. The issue on property settlement has long been settled, when the parties amicably and voluntarily entered into an Agreement early this year. Suffice it to state that the terms were fair to both parties concerned. We hope that this clarifies the false and baseless accusations against Mr. Yap.”


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