Andi Eigenmann unveils the father of her unborn child

After few months of keeping the name of her child’s father as private, Andi Eigenmann now revealed his identity as Albie Casiño through her blog last Sunday at entitled “The Good That Won’t Come Out Chapter: Deux”.

In the said blog she posted, “Maybe instead of feeling bad that Albie left me to take on this responsibility by myself, I should thank him for giving me the opportunity [to] go out and find genuine happiness once again.”

The young actress also added, “I’d obviously love for him to be around eventually. You know, to save myself the struggle to find a good way to explain his absence to his child. At the same time, I’d understand. Cus after all, I have no idea who or what kind of a person all the fame and fortune has turned him into now. All I hope is that he’s well.”

Furthermore, aside from the challenges brought to her in effect of her own actions, there is still optimism in the actress as she stated:

“As soon as I have learned to embrace the fact that instead of having a child at the age of 29, it was blessed upon me as early as now, all those points that would usually bring me to endless tears, have remained to be dreams, STILL highly possible from coming true. This just goes to show that, yes, amidst the lack of maternal instincts and no ounce of being nurturing or maternal whatsoever, I am now undoubtedly ready to raise a child on my own.”

Andi also mentioned the challenges she is carrying-on and how her faith in God had kept her believing that everything comes without purpose and still remained hopeful of a brighter future ahead.

“I thought, maybe thinking about how my life should be right now, like the freedom and lightness of dreaming of the next wedding of the century, would readily bring me to tears again. Tears of regret in terms of being fully aware of the greatness and success that should have been. But no. No, because God really does love me,” she noted, “God didn’t create us to be immature spoiled brats who have to get everything as planned. Nothing’s perfect, but I can assure you one thing: God is awesome and He knows what’s best for us, without a doubt. Though not everything may go our way, things will always end up to be just what would keep us happy and contented.”

“I just need to wait patiently for the perfect time. Everything will soon fall into place,” Andi added.

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