Maja Salvador reveals her involvement in Matteo-Coco fistfight

The actress Maja Salvador has released a statement that she was the cause of Matteo GuidicelliCoco Martin’s fight last Saturday after the Fifth Star Magic Ball held at Rigodon Ballroom, The Peninsula Manila, Makati City.

Maja salvador at the Star Magic Ball 2011

In an exclusive interview with an ABS-CBN entertainment news and talk show, The Buzz, yesterday, the actress had stated her involvement in the said fight. Thereby she concisely said, “Opo. Lahat naman po alam na yun. Opo.”

When she was asked about the current status between her and Matteo, Maja also revealed that she is “in a relationship” with the actor. “Opo Tito Boy [may relasyon kami ni Matteo]”, she said.

Yet she added that after the incident occurred last Saturday, she is now unsure about their relationship. “Pero pagkatapos po nang nangyari kagabi, hindi ko po alam kung saan pupunta,” Maja said.

Based from a source of “The Buzz”, the fight began when Coco was alleged of kissing Maja in the lips at some point of the after party at the Salon de Ning in Makati. Long before hand, hereby the source added, Matteo had been jealous of Coco from the time when he (Coco) was paired with Maja in “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin”, an ABS-CBN television series which ended last August.

On the other hand, Maja had disconfirmed the said news that Coco had kissed her. She refused to give details about the incident and pleaded for the public to concentrate or think more of her film ‘Thelma’ than this issue, “Siguro po huwag po muna siguro ngayon. Sana po sa ‘Thelma’ na lang muna tayo mag-focus.”

Maja Salvador portrayed the main role in ‘Thelma’, an indie film showing on September 7, 2011 and directed by Paul Soriano. Included in the cast list were Techi Agbayani, John Arcilla, Eliza Pineda, and Jason Abalos.

For the time being, there had been a resolution regarding such incident between the two actors according to The Star Magic Management. In their released statement, they said, “What happened was just a simple misunderstanding. Both Coco and Matteo are sorry it happened. Everything has been resolved.”


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