‘My Neighbor’s Wife’ heats up the cinemas today

This year’s controversial sexy drama film ‘My Neighbor’s Wife’ is showing today in cinemas nationwide with R-13 rating from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board. The lead stars Dennis Trillo, Lovi Poe, Jake Cuenca, and Carla Abellana, set to catch the eyes of many movie viewers with their sizzling love scenes and chemistry in the film that focuses in love, deception, and marital infidelity, produced by Regal Films, written and directed by Jun Lana.

(From left) Dennis Trillo, Lovi Poe, Jake Cuenca and Carla Abellana

The story revolves in two modern couples (Jake and Carla, Dennis and Lovi) who have different lifestyles. Jake and Carla play the role of the rich couple, Bullet and Jasmine. Bullet is said-to-be a co-owner of a bar and Jasmine is a housewife. However, Dennis and Lovi are the working-class couple, Aaron and Cielo. Aaron is medical-school graduate who fails in business ventures thereby gets a loan from Bullet to finance his auto-repair shop. Cielo is a medical representative who loves luxury items to complement her looks. The four characters become close friends yet their friendship turn sour because of their marital infidelity.

The stars admit they have grown more as actors and have conquered their fear through the mature role they portray in the film. Like the case of Carla Abellana, this has been her first time to be daring in a movie or a show and she got through it with the help of the entire cast and crew.

It is also noticeable how the lead stars fit the characters that they portray. With Lovi’s sexy and alluring body, she is able use her physical assets and combines it with the different aspects of the Cielo’s like being sensual, sensitive, impulsive, humble, funny, persevering which results to an exact portrayal of Cielo. In the movie, Carla is exactly what Jasmine is. Her calm personality paired with the character’s good-natured and kindness, with a bit of a jealous and revengeful housewife, she made her way to also stand-out in this movie. The hunks, Jake and Dennis, added sizzle to the story.

The movie also entails the characters’ lives after the marital infidelity.

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