Albie Talks About Issue With Andie

Andi Eigenmann has announced to the public that the father of her unborn child is Albie Casino, but the young actor would rather keep mum about the issue.

When asked why he hasn’t commented about it, his reply was, “I don’t know. I’d rather be just quiet and not talk about it.”

He admitted that he has not spoken to Andi nor her family about it yet, but is open about it if they would like to do so.

“Not yet. Kung meron siya (initiative). If she has one, I guess,” Albie said at the presscon of “Aswang,” his movie for Regal Films.

“I really don’t want to say anything against them. I’d just rather not talk about them, honestly,”

“I don’t want anything from them. If they want something from me, sila ang pupunta,” Albie told the press.

Albie said that he doesn’t feel bad about these accusations.

“Wala namang galit. Hindi ako nagha-harbor ng galit. Of course, it’s unfair. Pero nothing’s fair in life naman. I can’t do anything about it. I can’t fix that,” Albie mused.

Albie added that he does not want to defend himself to the public, and what matters most to him is that his family and friends know who he really is as a person.

“I don’t really want to defend myself. I’m really a positive person pero yung malinis yung pangalan ko, I think malabo yun. No offense, but the press can make it look like what they want it to look like,” he said.

Albie pointed out that he is willing to take a DNA test if both parties agree on it. But he’s not too interested in it.

“I think that was from the start pa yan (issue). Pero sige di ba? But I really don’t think about it honestly,” Albie said.

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