Andi Eigenmann names baby “Eli”

Actress Andi Eigenmann (Photo from ABS-CBN)

Actress Andi Eigenmann has chosen the name “Eli” as nickname for her baby.

In an interview with Kris Aquino on ABS-CBN’s Kris TV, Andi said that Eli was going to be the nickname of her baby girl while “Gabrielle” will be the baby’s second name.

Andi said that the second name was given by her mother, Jaclyn Jose.

My mom named her Gabrielle, which will be her second name. I’m still thinking of the first name, but her nickname will be
Eli. So, we can call her Eli now even if the name is not yet final,
” said Eigenmann

Since siya naman ang grandmother and she’s my mom, why not give it to her. I let her give one of the names among the two kasi gusto ko two ang names niya (ng baby ko),” she added.

Gabrielle is the name of Eigenmann’s character, a woman in the military, in ABS-CBN’s defunct television series “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin.”

According to Baby Names World, a family website, Gabrielle came from a Hebrew word which means “God is my might.”
Eli, meanwhile, is said to mean “My God.”

Eigenmann, who is set to give birth next month, said she has not talked to the father of her child after she decided to keep the baby.

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