Anne Curtis apologizes for her controversial “smoking photo”

Just recently, Anne Curtis’ cover for Rogue Magazine was criticized by the anti-smoking campaigners due to the inappropriate message it conveys to its readers most especially to the youth.

In the earlier reports, the President of Makati Medical Society, Dr. Elizabeth Ifurung-Gonzales, and the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) had stated their disappointment regarding this issue.

In an interview with 24 oras, Dr. Elizabeth Ifurung-Gonzales said, “Tinitingala sila, iniidolo sila ng mga tao especially ng mga bata and ang dating niyan kasi smoking is good, and smoking is cool, which is not.”

“You have all the power and faculties to greatly influence the attitude and behavior of the Filipino youth, please do not direct them towards tobacco addiction,” expressed by the PMA during an interview with TV Patrol.

With the controversy brought about by her pose (holding a cigarette while standing on a balcony in Paris) in the cover for Rogue Magazine, Anne Curtis, an actress and TV host, had apologized to all those offended by her ‘smoking photo.’

“I think it’s proper to really apologize to the people who were offended,” she said according to an ABS-CBN News report.

Anne also said that she understands why many people had criticized her photo.

“Siyempre, na-sad din kami because it was given that kind of publicity. But at the same time nai-intindihan naman din namin ‘yung point nila,” she added.

Furthermore, she made clear that she doesn’t smoke in real life.

“I do not smoke, so I do not promote smoking, just to be clear also,” she said.

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