Karylle and Yael rumored to be an item

Karylle has just come back from Singapore after finishing her Pan-Asian musical series, “The Kitchen Musical”. Just after the singer-actress Karylle left for Singapore, rumors have persisted that she and Yael Yuzon are an item. The Spongecola vocalist was prompted by members of the press during a recent presscon if they are simply keeping the media guessing.

But according to Karylle, she simply does not want to over share.

“Hindi lang kami nagde-define publicly because, siguro, it’s just something I don’t want to overshare,” Karylle told Yahoo! Philippines OMG! in recent interview. “Because one question leads to another and, before you know, you’ve dug yourself into a hole.”

“Shame on me naman if I didn’t learn my lesson,” she said.

Karylle’s love for gossip is also one of the reasons why she has kept mum about the rumored romance.

“I myself am a self-confessed… hindi naman tabloid junkie, pero my secret shame talaga is tsismosa ako. I love really all the gossip sites,” she explained. “And I think it would be a shame if I read all those gossip and didn’t learn anything from it.”

Still, Karylle said she isn’t completely silent about the rumored romance.

“Hindi rin naman ako naging kuripot because I’ve written my own songs. So, somehow, if you’re wise, you’ll find the answers in the music,” she said.

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