The Original Wife: Jinkee Pacquiao

Jinkee Pacquiao, wife of Saranggani Congressman and boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, has finally commented regarding the recent controversy Manny is facing. He is alleged to have an extra-marital affair with a culinary student named Kat Ordoñez and that he had a child with this woman.

In the article written by Robbie Pangilinan in, Jinkee expressed her reaction over the issue, as well as her support to her husband’s upcoming fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

“Suwerte ko, I’m the original, not the other woman,” Jinkee said.

Manny has an upcoming fight with Juan Manuel Marquez on Novermber 12 in Las Vegas and Jinkee said that the issue regarding Manny’s alleged affair will just distract her husband.

“This rumor is a distraction and a destruction. It will only slow and hurt Manny. I don’t want him to worry,” Jinkee said.

The boxing champ’s wife said that she is confident that Manny will be loyal and faithful to her.

“I love my husband very much. I trust him, because he promised he will not get involved with anyone anymore, after Krista,” she said. Krista Ranillo, an actress, was also linked to Manny in 2009.

It was previously reported that Jinkee won’t watch the fight on November 12. However, she retracted and told that she will be going to the US with her sister Janet Jamora. She is also set to meet hotel heiress and socialite Paris Hilton for some business meetings.

Regarding the issue with Manny, Jinkee added that she will deal with that and talk to Manny after the fight.

“I will deal with him after the fight.”

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