Sharon Cuneta Moves to TV5?

Rumors has been circulating the industry that actress and TV host Miss Sharon Cuneta will be transfering to TV5 as soon as her contract with ABS-CBN expires on January 2012.

It has been said that Sharon already had a meeting with TV5 executives to sign her contract with them. But she denies these allegations , however she said that she has not closed any doors to other networks.

“So far yah. I’m here, I haven’t packed my things. I’m again being managed by Boss Vic del Rosario and I’m very happy about that; he’s co-managing me with Sandra Chavez.

“Parang it’s a little bit of a homecoming for me sa Viva. I’ll do projects with them, pati recording later on. I’ll do a big concert with Martin Nievera for the first time—a back to back—it’s called Once in a Lifetime in Araneta on Ferbruary 11. I [also] have a concert in New Zealand next month,”

“But back to the issue… At this point, I haven’t been, I’m waiting for Boss Vic and Sandra to tell me what the actual situation is. I will need to sit down with them and see what’s happening.

“Tapos, I’ll be happy to sit down and hear what other people will offer me. So far, I have no reason yet to leave ABS. Kumbaga I haven’t met with anybody. Let’s see, that’s the most honest answer I can give.

“I haven’t met with anybody yet but I’d like to give myself a chance.”

When asked about whether she would still host the next season of Star Power and Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. She replied “Honestly, I cannot comment also at this point.”

Having hosted the Biggest Loser Sharon admits that she lost some weight.

“I’m down 3 [sizes] so far. Smart eating, conscious eating, then you give yourself a break, every now and then. Today I had an apple ’cause I needed sugar, just for today.

“The treatment at Marie France also helps speed up my metabolism. I also cut down on my carbs.”

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