Why did ABS-CBN Let Sharon Cuneta go?

It’s been 23 years since Sharon became a Kapamilya but for several weeks now, everybody was gossiping about the news that after those long years, she is now leaving the network. Last Monday, Nov 21 Sharon is indeed signing a contract  with TV5 (Kapatid) . The contract takes effect in January next year.

On an interview, Sharon  said that “Leaving ABS-CBN was not easy. I grew up with the network, so it’s true. The parting was really painful. It was a very emotional parting.” She also didn’t confirm the amount when asked about it after she sat down with Kapatid bigwigs last Tuesday, Nov. 22, but only hinted at it “P1B”. The exclusive contract will last for  five years, so P1B divided five equals P200M per year which is still an astounding amount in any currency, making Sharon as the “the most expensive” Filipino superstar. But the question is Why didn’t ABS-CBN make a counter-offer to Sharon?

“Hindi kaya ng network,” admitted the Funfare’s Bohol Avenue VDPA (Very Deep Penetration Agent) without confirming the amount that Kapamilya had to match. “Masyadong mahal. Even only half of the (rumored) amount is very expensive. Had the network made a counteroffer of even only half of the P1B, or even just one-third of it, baka naman ma-insulto si Sharon, kaya wala na lang. The network avoided hurting anybody.”

The contract between ABS-CBN and Sharon has long expired. In the past, the renewal was automatic, everything having been based more on “personal relationship” and “close friendship” than on “business.”

“The Kapamilya bigwigs had been hearing the rumors that Sharon was being lured by the Kapatid Network but when they learned about the amount involved, they deemed it wise not to ask Sharon to renew her contract,” added the VDPA, insisting that “the close friendship will always remain.”

As for the official Kapamilya statement sent to Funfare by Bong R. Osorio, ABS-CBN head of Corporate Communications:

Sharon Cuneta has her reasons for moving to another channel and we would like to respect that. Sharon has been a revered Kapamilya for many years, and we genuinely wish her well in her new journey. We will truly miss her.

While Sharon was making her Mega-Move to the Kapatid her daughter KC Conception is left behind in ABS-CBN, who is burdened with the task of  sustaining her mom’s Kapamilya legacy. Well, a tall order, isn’t it?

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