Gwendoline Ruais- Crowned Miss World 1st Runner-up

Another feather added in the cap of every the Filipino as Miss World Philippines Gwendoline Ruais emerged first runner-up in the recently held 2011 Miss World Pageant in London.  It is the highest Miss World title for the Philippines since Evangeline Pascual who also finished first runner-up in Miss World 1973. It is Gwendoline’s wit, beauty, elegance and glamour that attracted the judges as she answered the Miss World Question with poise, intelligence and confidence.

The seven Miss World finalists were given the same question: ’Why should you be the next Miss World?’

As response to this question, Miss World Philippines, Gwendoline Ruais, said:

“To be Miss World is my dream job, and I say job because it has a lot of responsibilities but there’s nothing I love more than communicating with other people. As Miss World you get to use your potential and your voice to help people from all around the world, and what is more wonderful than doing what you love by helping others.”

Gwendoline Ruais also created noise in the pre-pageant of Miss World as she has become one of the favorites among all the candidates in the Miss World pageant.

In an interview, Gwendoline said: “Everybody can help people in their own way. Of course when you’re all alone, it’s harder to do it, but now, being a part of Miss World, I have the privilege of being able to help people from all around the world. ”

After the holidays, Miss Venezuela Ivian Sarcos who was crowned Miss World 2011, together with Miss Philippines Gwendoline Ruais (Miss World 2011 first runner-up) and Miss Puerto Rico Amanda Victoria Vilanova Perez (Miss World 2011 second runner-up) will start to perform their responsibilities as they travel to different parts of the world to do charity.

Beauty with a purpose- that is what Miss World really looks for. Gwendoline Ruais has proven herself to be one of the beautiful young women in the world reflecting the beauty they have within.

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