Many money “MANNY!”

As we all know, doing such heroic act was basically not new for us Filipinos. We all tend-up to be helping those who are really in need because we feel pity on them. Sometimes, that attitude was being abused by the recipients but we still chose to help even though we all know the facts regarding the obnoxious manner of the latter.

That goes to show that we are all well represented by our very own “pound-for-pound king” MANNY PACQUIAO”. It seems that he has it all, he was so kind to share blessings that he is prospering at the moment. Within his political career where he chooses to serve the people of Sarangani, he also tries to reach out those unfortunate ones even if they were not his constituents. He is even also called as “NINONG” at his T.V. show on GMA7 that word really speaks-up Manny’s concern for the welfare of the society. He has helped all kinds of people, from politics to the most common Filipino citizen living in our country. I have no doubt when I wrote down that Manny does that because if you are a Filipino I’m sure that Manny made you feel proud about yourself as such. And speaking of the glorious pride that Manny bring in to us, here comes another big event that we should brace ourselves for.

On Nov. 12, 2011 he will again defend his crown with his rival Juan Manuel Marquez, this is the third time that they are going to meet and fight inside the ring. What’s more interesting is that before the fight against DYNAMITA (J.Marquez), Manny’s limited edition cologne named “scent of a champion” will go on sale before their bout. Proceeds of the sale of the said cologne will go to the brain research for boxers which will be held at The Lou Ruvo Center it is currently conducting the most comprehensive brain imaging study on professional boxers. Manny’s limited edition cologne stores up to 800 units only and each bottle will be sold at $50 each. His charitable work will then gain an approximate amount of $40,000 to help his colleagues maintain a good and sound brain after vicious rounds of fight. All I can say about Manny is that he’s done it all. In sports, politics, showbiz, business, and even in social awareness.

He is such a gift to us, even if sometimes we try to make him look funny, still, he keeps his cool and retort with warmness. What I am really after, is that MANNY PACQUIAO well represented us in a decent manner, we should keep this spirit running through.

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