One Down!

There’s a new witness on RAM’s murder case, the witness executed his affidavit yesterday at the fiscal’s office of Parañaque.

According to the policemen he is one of the hired-shooters that the Bautista’s offered to do the job. The PNP also added that they are now 100% sure about the identity of the accused suspects.
Meanwhile, the primary suspect for Ram Revilla is still finding difficulties inside the prison. He still does the same thing when he was first brought inside the jail. He still covers his face and stays at the same spot all the time.

Although he is not alone inside the cell and with his co-supsects with him they seldom make any forms of conversation said the police officer, the two were named michael altea and francis tolisora, all of them were brought at the Parañaque Prosecutors office for preliminary investigation. But unfortunately, the preliminary investigation was postponed due to the lawyers of the two not making appearance at all.

Eventually, the case of Ramon Joseph has been drawn and is now under Judge Fortunato Medrona of branch 274 for the cases murder and frustrated murder. It is also the branch of RTC which held the Vizconde massacre.

There are rumors that the Brothers’ clash all rooted to money and cashes, some say it’s just the money that they’re fighting for.

For now, the case is still on its due process wherein the PNP reaches out for the witnesses to continue the preliminary investigation.

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