Phil Younghusband Will Play Against His Idol

Azkals striker Phil Younghusband is getting ready to face his long-time idol in the football field. More than the excitement he has with playing against David Beckham, Phil feels that the game with the Galaxy will boost the team’s exposure.

Back in 2010, the Azkals were not given such attention and opportunity. It would be a good exposure for the team not only locally, hence internationally as well.

Phil also mentioned in an interview that David Beckham was one of the reasons why he played football.

“To have David Beckham come over who…I mean, he’s one of the reasons I played football. He’s been my idol. I used to copy his haircut when I was younger. Used to copy the way he used to dress.”

“He was one of my, my biggest idols, football idols, ever since I was seven or eight years old. To get the chance to play with him, knowing that he’s coming to the end of his career, it’s a dream come true for me”

Younghusband admitted that he even wrote a letter to his idol expressing his admiration.

“I’m sure it (letter) never got to him. But I was able to meet him (Beckham) when I was 10, when Chelsea played Manchester United, where I was a ball boy.”

The exhibition game will take happen on December 3, 2011, 7 o’clock in the evening at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. The Younghusbands will lead the team while goalkeeper Neil Etheridge as well as midfielders Stephen Schrock and Jerry Lucena wouldn’t be able to play due to earlier commitments.

Coach Michael Weiss knows that there is no way the Azkals could beat LA Galaxy especially without his professional players around.

“That’s very unfortunate. As much as I support and want this game coming, it would have been better if I have the professional players with me so that we could show that we can play on a higher level.”

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