Carla Abellana: Torn Between Two Movies

Regal Baby Carla Abellana has two movie entries in the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival. She will play the role of Charlotte in ‘Yesterday Today Tomorrow’ and ER Ejercito’s leading lady in ‘Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story’. Carla’s appearance in The Asiong Salonga story created a conflict in her contract with Regal Films.

ER Ejercito told the press that Carla is being prohibited by Regal to promote their movie that’s why the actress wasn’t able show up in the press conference of The Asiong Salonga Story.

“Siya ang humaharang. Ayaw niyang mag-promote si Carla, e…Ang banggit sa akin ni Carla at ng kanyang manager na si Arnold Vegafria, ‘pag sila daw ay nag-promote, o pupunta sa presscon, sasakay sa float sa December 24, at kapag nanood sa premiere night, e, idedemanda raw ng Regal Films,” said ER Ejercito.

On the other hand, Carla denied that there is a legal threat posted against her and her manager by Regal. She said that Mother Lily has nothing to do with her absence in The Asiong Salonga Story’s press conference. According to her, she is just so busy that she doesn’t even have time to promote Yesterday Today Tomorrow, which is her priority being Regal’s exclusive artist.

Meanwhile, Mother Lily issued a statement on Twitter to clarify the issue:

“I would like to clarify ER Ejercito’s recent statements regarding our contract star Carla Abellana who he contracted to appear in his movie. Firstly, Carla is an exclusive contract artist of Regal Films. Both her and her manager Arnold Vegafria did not ask our permission to be part of ER’s movie. It is not true that Carla has an option to do 1 movie out of Regal. She does not. All I expect from my contract stars is the respect from them and their managers to honor their commitments. May we also suggest to ER to check his facts first before making such statements. Neither do we wish this situation to be used as an issue to generate publicity. The issue is clear neither Carla or her manager Arnold Vegafria asked for permission to shoot this movie with ER and as such are in breach of their signed contract. We have other contract stars who we have lent to other productions. In fact Marian Rivera is in Panday. She is also an exclusive star of Regal but all proper protocol was followed. Let us all respect each other so that we can work harmoniously to rebuild our industry.”

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