Rhian Asks for a Temporary Protection Order

After days of silence, Rhian Ramos now gives a statement about his ex-boyfriend’s accusations against her. This accusation was about Mo’s statement that Rhian had their baby aborted in Singapore last year in the month of July. The statement aired in Sandra Aguinaldo’s report in 24 Oras yesterday, December 5, 2011.

Rhian was very emotional while delivering her short statement. “I think more than what the people has seen, I have been hurt over a longer period of time, unnecessarily, and I think, undeserved. I just hope to be able to put an end to that today so that hopefully I can move on,”said Rhian.

Rhian promises to give a longer statement in time. Meanwhile, the actress had a meeting with her lawyer regarding the issue. She asks for a temporary protection order to stop Mo Twister from uttering negative statements about her in public.

According to Atty. Kapunan, Rhian’s lawyer, the court will determine if they will release a temporary or permanent protection order for the actress.

“This is not normal behavior; it is dysfunctional behavior,” said Atty. Kapunan. The lawyer said that DJ Mo has been harassing Rhian in his utterances in public and Rhian is already growing tired of it.

“This has nothing to do with truth or lies, no? That is not what the protection order is about. What this is all about is harassment. He is harassing Rhian. Mo is harassing for all these utterances in public,” said Atty. Kapunan.

Rhian’s lawyer also explained that the case they will file against Mo Twister is his violation to Republic Act 9262, which is the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004.

Meanwhile, Mo Twister, who was supposed to leave the country for New York last December 3, 2011, decided to postpone his trip in order to clarify the issues he and Rhian are currently facing.

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