Rhian Ramos to take a break from Showbiz

After the announcement that DJ Mo is leaving the Philippines for good, it is now the Kapuso Actress Rhian Ramos turn.

Suffering from a  trauma due to her alleged abortion scandal brought by a video of ex-boyfriend, she is now a decision to leave showbiz world for the mean time to settle out her emotions and take a temporary rest together with her family.

On an interview last Wednesday on “24 Oras” an emotionally Rhian reveals the story of how both of them met and what is her impression towards him and how those sweet relationship turned into a very unhealthy one.

She said that DJ Mo was nice, smart and funny back then and that guy made her feel the most important girl in his life. But upon releasing such video, it just shows how opposite those impressions are if DJ Mo really did intentionally release his video about the alleged abortion scandal of Ramos.

“He would often say on his radio show that I’m his crush, stuff like that. So, I was really flattered and I liked him,” she said.

Despite the fact that Rhian’s friends and relatives are not in favor of Mo to become her boyfriend because of their age gap and that the guy has a lovechild, Rhian pursued the relationship which she now regrets.

Rhian continued: “Later on, when we became boyfriend-girlfriend, many things changed…and I came to know him in a completely different way”

Rhian also said that she tried to break-up with Mo because their relationship has turned “unhealthy” but whenever she makes an attempt, she receives a threat from the host/dj.

“Every time that I would try to break up, he would get really mad, or he’ll threaten me.

“Uhm… I think the most painful time was when he outright told me that ‘I promise to take everything you love away from you.’

“Yun ba yung love? Tatakutin ka ng tao? Ite-threaten ka? Sisirain ka?

“Para ano? Para sa kanya ka lang?,” she said.

Pia later asked Rhian about her reaction after seeing the controversial “RepairedMovie” video diary of Mo Twister.

Rhian replied, “I was very shocked and…very hurt. I could not believe what I was seeing.

“I could not believe that he would say those things about me, and make a video saying things like that about me.”

And because of the pain caused by Mo’s video, Rhian decided to leave showbiz temporarily.

“For now I just ask if I could rest for a little bit. I just needed some time…away…to spend with my family.”

“My network GMA has been good to me. They always stood by me,” she said

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