Tyron Perez’s Death is 80-90% Suicide

Many were shocked on the sudden death of Jojo Malonzo Perez, better known as Tyron Perez, whose body was found dead in his car parked in the NLEX service road in Barangay Ugong the night of December 29, 2011. Residents said that the black Toyota Altis, which is Tyron’s car, was already parked on the service road as early as 8 am but they did not checked on the car because they thought it was only parked.

Cops see suicide as reason for the actor’s death. Senior Inspector Arthur Quiñones, head of the investigation unit said that autopsy result showed that the cause of the actor’s death was the sole bullet that pierced through his right temple.

“If we had found other gunshot wounds in his body, then that would have been suspicious. But because there was only one … Nobody kills himself with two gunshots or more,” Quiñones said.

According to findings, there was tattooing, which refers to the red and black marks formed by burnt gun powder on the skin, in the right temporal region which leads the investigators to a conclusion that the gunshot found on the actor’s body was done at a very close range.

According to Police Officer 3 Harvey Aranas of the Valenzuela Police investigation unit, they are still looking for other angles but suicide is 80-90% possible.

Based on the initial police report, one of the possible reasons of Tyron’s alleged suicide is his financial problem due to gambling. According to reports of Doland Castro and Jerome Lantin of ABS-CBN News, the actor has a lot of debts because of his frequent stay in the casino. He even sold the car of his wife Liv Espino in order to pay his debts.

Aside from this, another angle that the investigative team has been looking into is the couple’s “marital problem.” Liv admitted that she and her husband had a problem regarding his gambling. But the flight attendant wife of Tyron never had imagined that it would come to a point that her husband would end his life this way.

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