When jokes lead to insult

Mo Twister quickly reacted on Ogie Alcasid’s spoofed version of his abortion video. In a portion of Ogie and Regine’s Valentines Concert held yesterday, February 14, 2012, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, the couple made their video diaries relating their experiences as a couple especially in times of misunderstandings. In the songwriter’s video, Ogie fakes his cry as he talks in american accent.

The audience laughed well because it depicts the video diary of DJ Mo Twister which went viral over the internet last year.

Mo Twister, who is currently in New York, learned of the spoofed video and easily posted a message over twitter saying: “Just heard @ogiealcasid made fun of me crying in the abortion video. Classy move bud. Didnt you just have a child? Glad, its alive.”

“hey guys, dont worry bout it. i’m sure he got a good laugh out of it. a few kids dying is pretty fucking funny. unless its his @ogiealcasid”

Mo also answered a statement by one of his followers. “exactly. at times i feel like the only people who understand how hard it was are parents who have lost children. so much is made bout careers being ruined, etc. nobody knows how much i fought to keep it alive. there is a darker deeper story here yet no one gets how hard and miserable it was to go through it. everyone mourns differently and you never get over it. I have a sick daughter now and after losing the last one, you just look for avenues for something to hold on to. I go back to the hospital, i take pictures of where it happened, i hold on to anything I have left. People will never understand,” he said.

Randy Santiago, producer of the ‘Mr. & Mrs. A’ concert, was interviewed by Pep.ph regarding the issue.

“Hindi naman siya ‘yon. Siya ba ‘yon? Wala naman kaming sinabing siya, a! Bakit siya nag-react? Siya ba ‘yon? Kamukha ba? Kahawig ba niya? Hindi naman, a!” Randy jokes.

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