Pauleen Luna Chooses To Ignore “Gold Digger” Tag; Says She Respects Everybody’s Opinion

“Gold Digger” that’s what many people say about the young actress, Pauleen Luna, because of her association with the people who have big names in the world politics and showbiz.

Meanwhile, the young actress decided to just keep her mouth shut to prove to the people who are accusing her that she is not guilty of the accusations given to her and according to the actress that’s her way of protecting herself.

“You know, sometimes when you know something, you don’t have to prove it to the world or whatever.” She summoned.

“So I just like to keep my privacy this time for myself.”

Strong and very opinionated are some of the qualities that the young actress possesses but on the other hand the issues linked to her such as the closeness that she and Vic Sotto established were not given priority by their Eat Bulaga Family.

“Wala. Yun nga, I’d like to keep this part of my life private for now.”

“I mean, I hope people will understand,” she said.

Is there someone behind this issue that Pauleen is protecting or avoiding from, like Vic Sotto?

“Wala… wala… wala!” as she continuously tell.

“Ako lang, this is my decision. Nobody pushed me to do this or what.”

In contrast, Pauleen Luna admits that she’s been upset of the charges associated with her.

“I guess it’s but normal. But you know, I respect everybody’s opinion,” according to her.

Also, the young actress is not only fulfilled with what she has right now but she as well is very delighted of what’s happening to her life in the present. Is there someone inspiring her as of the moment?

“Ay, I’m always inspired!” she alleged.

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