Derek’s Decision

Derek ramsay taking up another path of his career after signing up a contract at TV-5.
A week ago Derek Refuse to renew his contract with Kapamilya(ABS-CBN) because  the TV5 offer was something he could not refuse.
“Leaving ABS-Cbn was not about money” Derek says,It was about doing something he really wanted to do.
He indeed wanted more exposure on the small screen, and with uncertainty about any upcoming projects plaguing him.
TV5 offers to derek ramsay a hosting job for the local franchise of the international reality show, “The Amzing Race”.
which he sees as his real calling, In fact, he sees the show as a sort of extension of his persona;
something he can really feel at home with and also succeed.
At this stage of his career, when he become popular in the showbiz world, as one of the franchise artist of the station,
changing loyalties is considered a very big gamble. And he probably knew this very well. But despite the odds,
it seemed Derek, who is the devil-may-care, adventurous type, was happy with his decision.

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