Jessica Sanchez And Phillip Phillips Face Off On American Idol Finale

The face-off between Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips happened in the finale of American Idol Season 11.

A lot of Filipino citizens were excited and is interested to know what would be the result. In addition, they’re hoping that Jessica would win the battle this is because Jessica possesses a Filipino blood.

The mother of Jessica, Ms. Editha is a Filipino who was raised in Samal, Bataan. While her father, Gilbert, is a Mexican.

Jessica and her family lives in Chula Vista, California.

The finale was held in the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California and the two finalists, Jessica and Phillip, underwent 3 rounds.

Initially, they sang the song that Simon Fuller, idol creator of American Idol, picked. Next were their own personal favorites since the season started. And lastly, there first single hit if they would be able to win in the face-off.

Simon chose “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston for Jessica.

While, “Stand By Me” of Ben E. King for Phillip.

In the first wound, it was Jessica who got the heart of the judges namely Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson.

In the favorite performance part of the 2 finalists, Jessica for the 2nd time sang “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli and celine Dion. Jessica sang it because it was the song that she performed in Las Vegas that make her enter the Top 24.

On the other hand, Phillip chose “Movin’ Out” by Billy Joel in which he already sang during the selection of Top 10.

In this round, Jessica was the chosen finalist by Steven, Phillip for Jennifer Lopez and for Randy it was a tie performance.

In the last round or known as the individual original songs, “Changes Nothing” is the title that Jessica sang and “Home” for Phillip.

The composition by Jessica did not delight the judges but they say that Jessica executed the song very well.

A standing ovation from the 3 judges was received by Phillip after his last performance.

Although the judges already gave comments regarding the performances of Jessica and Phillip, still, the decision of who will win the face-off depends on the viewers.

Votes from the public majority will determine whether Jessica or Phillip will be the one proclaim as American Idol.

If we were be talking of voice, of whoever excels when it comes to singing, no hesitation it would be Jessica.

In the last 4 seasons of American Idol it was seen that all are white guy people who knows how to play the guitar are being proclaimed as American Idol winner – David Cook (Season 7), Kris Allen (Season 8), Lee DeWyze (Season 9), at Scotty McCreery (Season 10).

Aside from this observation, according to demographics, Phillip has a wide array of supporters coming from the teenagers and women that merely composes the American idol viewers.

If this would be non-stop, or no change would occur, then with that Phillip would be the 5th white guy with guitar that would be winning in American Idol.

The last woman contestant that was proclaimed as American Idol winner was Jordin Sparks last Season 6.

If there would be any competitive advantage that Jessica has over Phillip, aside from her voice, it would be the number of supports that she is getting from the Filipino people not only in America but also in the Philippines.

Surely, the votes coming from the Philippines would be a big help, especially many Filipinos are campaigning for the win of Jessica as the 1st half-Pinay of American Idol.

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