Cesar Montano And Mayor Alfredo Lim Meeting Has Nothing To Do With Politics

Came out from the news that Cesar Montano had a plan to run for a local position in the City of Manila

The actor had been seen having meeting with Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim in one of the restaurant in Pasay City last July 2.

Cesar was born and raise at Sta Ana, Manila. So that there’s a lot of people thought that the news is truth.

Cesar is live exam presenter of Artista Academy and talent search show of TV5, and lastnight a welcome presscon  was held by the Kapatid  network for award-winning actor.

One of the questions that were asked to Cesar on the welcome presscon of the TV5 is about his candidacy in Manila and he answer it truthfully.

He denied about thr candidacy issue, but he admitted that he talk with Mayor Lim.

According to the actor ““May inaayos ako na project. It’s premature to tell but there is a very big film [project] about Alfredo Lim.”

Cesar was the one and the only choice of Mayor Lim to perform in his filmbio with target playdate in November 2012, six months before the national elections in 2013.

The life story of Mayor Lim was filmed three times, but no discussion about his childhood

Mayor Lim exposed in the fourth filmbio, which Cesar will portray, in how he grew up at an orphanage, how he finally meet his real mother and how he face the challenges just to finish his  studies.

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