The Top FHM Sexiest Woman For This Year, Sam Pinto Irritated By Rumors Insinuating She Used Money To Win.

Sam Pinto finds herself facing an intrigue, a few day before her victory party as the regning sexiest Pinay

of FHM.

“Bumili ka raw ng boto?”

Around 8:30 p.m. yesterday, July 8, In an exclusive phone interview to the usually placid actress makes no effort to hide her irritation.

“Na-stress ako sa rumor na ito. Where did it come from?” she begins.

The minute she learned about it through Twitter, she felt bad for the fans who determinedly and enthusiastically supported her throughout the voting period, which ran from April 2 until June 15.

She adds, “I know they worked hard for this. They would tell me, ‘Naubos ang load ko… Na-cut ang phone ko….’ I did not give money!”

She said, she’s vocal about giving gifts which is the suggestion of her avid supporters

The Kapuso leading lady relates, “I agreed to their suggestion. Yung mga gifts na ito, it came from my sponsors. Mga San Miguel shirts and fan signs… If they buy the magazine, they get a shirt. Kasi yung ballots this year, dapat bumili ka talaga ng FHM.

“I campaigned sa Twitter and fan page…”

Then with more emphasis, she repeats, “But I did  not give money so I can win!”

How about the liquor brand she’s endorsing? According to tittle-tattle, it allotted budget for

the FHM survey.

Her reply: “Ang alam ko yung sa Facebook fan page at yung mga gifts… But you know, fans pa rin ang, e, ang magde-decide.

“Kaya whoever started this, it’s just so unfair. Nung nalaman ng nanay ko, pati siya na-stress… So, I felt that I should clarify things.”

Why is the sexiest Pinay title important to her?

“When I won last year, I saw what happened to me… People know me more, and dumami yung endorsements ko, I had 4 yata… Kaya it really, really helped my career,” she replies.

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