Angelica Panganiban Reveal The Status Of Her Relationship with John Lloyd Cruz

Isn’t Angelica Panganiban is ready to open up the state of her relationship with John Lloyd Cruz?

They’re a lot people who get curious to the picture she post in her Instragam account, yesterday, August 12, Sunday.

You can see in the picture the word “Perfect Sunday” at “According to the guy in pink.

She determined the “guy” which is John Lloyd Cruz who wearing a pink shirt in the picture.

Spread out to the blogs and news websites the Instagram photo of Angelica.

Among the people who repos the pictures are the bloggers name Darla Sauler, an employee of ABS-CBN.

According to Darla yesterday: “OMG! OMG! OMG! I’m feel so excited to what happening to Angelica’s love life! Angelica Panganiban posted this sa Instagram account niya! With the caption : “Welcome, happiness. Joy, pursued. Welcome everyone. Especially those who are smiling out of warmth.” Whatever she means, I am so kilig. And continuous my prayer that I hope she will be happy. Great Couple! Let’s all welcome the KING and QUEEN of Star Magic pag nagkataon! The most brilliant actor and actress of their generation kung sakali! Bagay na bagay! Please I hope there is no more intrigue. Let’s just be happy and pray for their happiness also.”

There is another picture that Angelica put in her Instagram and Twitter accounts. It is integrated picture of the puppy, kids, barbecue, and long shot of two people at the swimming pool.

Also contained the words: “I love Sundays!!! Moment talaga sya!!”

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