Canadian Singer Nelly Furtado Reveals That Her Daughter Is “quarter-Filipina”

Canadian singer and record producer Nelly Furtado was here in the Philippines

There will be a one-night concert of Nelly and the American rap-rock group Gym Class Heroes at Smart Araneta Coliseum, today, August 16.

WORLDWIDE HITS. Nelly was become popular because of her 2001 hit song the “I’m like a Bird.”

These give her, a first Grammy Award trophy last 2002 in category Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Nelly was also collaborating with other popular international artists, such as American rapper and producer Timbaland, American pop superstar Justin Timberlake, and Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

Last 2006, were released by Nelly that became the highest-selling album, the Loose.

It awards more than 10 million copies worldwide and origin of international hit songs as “Promiscuous” and “Maneater.”

This 2012, it’s scheduled to release the fourth and his new album, titled Spirit Indestructible.

It was releases earlier the digitally, or via the Internet, the carrier single of the album ” Spirit Indestructible ” and “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better).”

NERVOUS BUT IMPRESSED WITH PINOYS. In the presscon of the international recording company of  MCA Music Inc was prepared for her yesterday afternoon, August 15, , at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Nelly said that she feel nervous in her concert in the Philippines.

She know that most of the Filipinos is a great singer.

“They’re such good singers!” aniya tungkol sa mga Pilipino. “I’m feeling a little bit nervous about my show.”

Nelly also expressed her admiration to the stability of the Filipinos form the trial recently and still experiencing rain and floods.

“I’m impressed, I just think that the Philippine spirit is just so strong, and I know today, you are now labeled as having a ‘waterproof spirit.’

“I’m humbled to be here. I’m just happy and grateful that I could still come and share my music,” sabi pa ni Nelly sa mga miyembro ng iba’t ibang media outfits sa Pilipinas, na isa-isang nagtanong sa presscon proper.

FILIPINO CONNECTION. Nelly admitted in the presscon, that her daughter has Filipinos blood  Nevis Chutan Furtado.

It was rumor in the fan forums on the Internet for having Nelly concert in the Philippines.

“It’s true. My daughter’s grandmother is actually from the Philippines. So, she’s a quarter-Filipina.

“And I always say her most beautiful features come from the Philippines!” sabay tawa ni Nelly.

The father Nelly daughter Nevis is a Filipino-Canadian Jasper Gahunia.

They had been together for four years after the birth of Nevis.

Nelly and Jasper were still friends and even though there separate. That share more responsibility for raising them to Nevis.

PROUD MOM. Nelly is very proud to her daughter, Nevis, because she showing an interest in music.

Nelly was first laughed before responding, “That’s a good question! I don’t know, maybe. When she’s 18, maybe.”

She shared how she started going to music form her childhood.

“For me, personally, when I was, you know, 17 years old, I told my mom I wanted to go to Toronto, to the big city, to make it as a singer…

“She wasn’t that happy!” natawa si Nelly habang nagpa-flashback.

“But I came back a year later, back home. But then, I eventually went back to music.”

The beginning of the music career of Nelly was not good.

Toronto singing group that she formed falling apart, and she went to Victoria, British Columbia in where grew up after her failure.

But after a year of her failures one of the talent show was impressed with her performance.

They offer her to record a demo song, which became the way to notice her of the larger music executives.

Therefore she granted a record deal.

Year 2000 was released her first album Whoa, Nelly!, The origins of her worldwide hit “I’m Like A Bird.”

“So, I think when a child has a dream, you can’t really stop them from pursuing their dream.

“So, she wasn’t yet as passionate as I was.

“She just has a casual love for music right now. Just for fun, you know… violin, piano.

“She’s very musical, though,” bida pa ni Nelly tungkol sa kanyang nine-year-old daughter.

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