Gary Valenciano Proud For His Son Paolo

Gary Valenciano admitted that he already relate to the song of the Apo Hiking Society “Batang-Bata Ka Pa,” which he sang in the film of  I Do Bidoo Bidoo, of Unitel Productions and Studio 5.

There is a scenes in the movie that he need to give a advice to Tippy Dos Santos,  plays as a daughter of Zsa Zsa Padilla, before she get marry to Sam Concepcion, even if they’re very young.

Therefore Gary asked in the presscon of I Do Bidoo Bidoo if that’s happen in the real life. Does he give a advise, now that his eldest son Paolo Valenciano  has a scheduled to marry.

Paolo was proposed to his long-time girlfriend Samantha Godinez, on Gary concert at the Pechanga Resort in California, USA.

Gary said, “Actually, yung eksena namin ni Tippy was not a reminder of me and Paolo but a reminder of me.

“Because, at 19 years old, I was going to get married and Angeli was pregnant. So, very much my story.”

Angeli Pangilinan was the wife of Mr. Pure Energy.

“So, all the more nung kinanta ko yung ‘Batang-Bata Ka Pa,’ ang naisip ko was my dad.

“Kami lang dalawa noon sa kuwarto niya. I said, ‘She’s pregnant.’ So, yun.

“Siyempre, there’s a role I’m playing here and a different approach to the whole problem.

“Pero, I was reminded not of Paolo.”

He continues, “Si Paolo ang galing, e. Six years na sila and then nag-propose siya while in a concert with me.

“So, the whole family was there.”

At the presscon Gary co-star also said, Ogie Alcasid, the reason why Paolo grow up as good person it’s because he had “great dad”.

What Mr. Pure Energy can say about here?

“I’m not the only one who should take the credit; the mom also, Angeli.

“Ako kasi, I didn’t grow up having my dad and my mom being together.

“So, lahat ng ginagawa ko for my children now is more on the giving. ‘Sige, I’ll give this, I’ll do that.’

“With Angeli, she grew up with them [her parents]. So equal  yung pagiging strict and lenient. And she has a lot to do with that.

“The way Paolo is now, the way Paolo plans, even with his money, it’s because of Angeli, too.”

WEDDING DETAILS. After presscon proper Gary was interview again regarding to the Paolo’s upcoming wedding Paolo.

Is there a wedding date?

“We’re looking at first quarter of next year,” sabi ni Gary.

Where it will be held?

“We don’t know yet. We’re still talking.

“I give him suggesions pa nga, e. But we’re still uncertain. I think some of you will know.

“But I know, he doesn’t want something big, something grand. Paolo, for him, the simpler, the more meaningful.”

Dito ba sa Pilipinas o sa ibang bansa?

It does in the Philippines or abroad?

“It will be in the country.”

Are they going to share this to media?

“I think, maybe after. That’s when we will open up to the media.

“He can give footage kasi he’s an editor, e.

“But for the moment itself, you know, Paolo is ganun lang siya, tahimik lang siya, but he’s very deep.

“If he wants it just family, it’s just family. If he wants some media there, we’ll get some media.

“He wanna have it in Cebu, we’ll work on it.”

Sabi pa ni Gary, “This is your moment, son, you’re my first-born, and I want you to have it the way you want it or the way you think will make her happy.”

Do they started to make a list of the godfather and godmother?

“No, not yet. They’ll work on that.”

DADDY’S TIP. As a father, is he nervous or excited that his eldest son are getting marriage?

“I’m excited. Because Paolo has learned so much from his mom and me.

“And he’s really turning out to be a bright, humble, young man, which I think any woman would fall in love with.

“But he chose the right girl. Samantha has been so good for him.

“In the lowest moment of Paolo, she was there. In her lowest moment, Paolo was there.

“And what’s nice, the best part of it was that parang sinundan niya yung tip ko nung bata pa siya when I said, ‘Before you have a girlfriend, make sure you build up on the friend first. Because once you lose a girlfriend, you lose the girl and the friend. But when you build up a good friendship, you’ll never lose a friend.’

“So, he’s practiced that. And so, today, you know, the first time he told me, ‘Dad, I think I like someone.’

“And I know Sam…and her parents, we grew up together.

“Kaya nung sinabi niya, ‘I think I like Sam.’ Ang sabi ko pa sa kanya, ‘No, don’t even try Paolo. Don’t even go there.’

“Kasi family friend, e, parang weird.

“But now, you can see it, he’s really happy with her for the past six years.”

MARTIN NIEVERA. The fiancée of Paolo was relatives Martin Nievera.

“Yehey!” pabirong walang energy na sabi ni Gary.

“Listen, Martin’s sister, Gina Tabuena-Godinez, is married to Jaime Godinez, okay? He’s the father of Paolo’s fiancee.

“Jaime’s brother William is married to my cousin.

“So, we’re really like a big family. Sabi ko, ‘Ano ba ito?’

“And then the mom of Martin is, like, one of the best friends of my stepdad.

“So, we’re all interconnected talaga.”

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