Is Angelica’s New Car from John Lloyd?

Last August 28, Angelica Panganiban uploaded another controversial photo collage on her Instagram account.
Three pictures were seen in the said collage: Angelica on the driver seat of the car, logo of Mercedes Benz on the steering wheel, and the digital instrument panel on the car’s dashboard.
According to Angelica’s Instagram followers, the car was a Mercedes Benz SLK.
One of the Instagram users commented “Galante ni JLC 5 mil benz delivered last week,” which means that the car was said to be a gift from John Lloyd.
Another user said, “with matching chocolates and flowers inside the benz car.. sweet papa JL..”
It was also seen in the picture that there are 3 red roses wrapped in a red paper.
A GIFT FROM JOHN LLOYD? One trusted source said that Angelica’s fans conclusions were true; the car was indeed a gift from John Lloyd.
It was said that the car was ordered by John Lloyd few months ago at Mercedes Benz EDSA showroom.
The actor paid the amount of P5.1 million in cash.
Two Sundays ago the car was delivered to John Lloyd.
The actor requested that the car must be delivered directly to his house on Valle Verde before it will be sent to Angelica’s house.
John Lloyd inspected the car personally and he also put the flowers and chocolates inside.
SOLD MINI COOPER. As we recall, Derek Ramsay gave Angelica a Mini Cooper before, which she named “Baby James Cooper”.
After Derek confirmed their break up last May, the car was sold on a lower price.
Derek and Angelica became lovers for six years.

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