Ex-Couple Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban Communicate Again

After confirming the issue of the sold mini cooper which Derek gave to Angelica, there’s a new rumor that the said car was retrieved by Derek.

Derek brought into clear this issue. He said that there’s no truth to that and he isn’t retrieving anything. He’s sure Angel doesn’t agree with this issue. He also added that the Mini Cooper was gone before the break-up and it’s almost a year ago. The said car was unused so they decided to just get rid of it. He’s just confused why there is a rumor going on about it. Derek said, “It seems that the press is looking for a reason for me and Angel to fight, but we are in OK”

After the break-up, the ex-couple had no communication but now, Derek admits that they are talking once again.

Derek confessed, he has spoken with angel through e-mail and they communicate but they’re both busy with their schedules.

According to him, their relationship is over seven months ago and they’re both happy. He doesn’t want to talk about it even though he’s the one being accused of causing the break-up. “I don’t need to defend myself, I know the truth. It’s time to put this all behind”, he said.

Regarding Derek’s love life, he is open to dating but he doesn’t have time to go out because he is working really hard. If he’s going to have a new girlfriend, he doesn’t want to have a high profile relationship ever again because he and Angel found it hard. So for him, He’d rather keep it private like what he does with his family.

Today, Derek is busy making his new movie project A Secret Affair in which he will be working with Andi Eigenman for the first time. He mentioned that Andi has strong features and she backs it up with fierce acting. ”She has a really exciting part, and so far she’s doing well, she’d delivering”, Derek added.

Derek will be working with Anne Curtis for the second time; they worked together before in the box-office hit movie No Other Woman. He confessed that their friendship has leveled up since their past movie so here, they had an intimate scene but Derek is just okay with it.

Others say that the A Secret Affair has just the same storyline with No Other woman and everybody thinks that it’s going to be the same which Derek opposed. According to him, friendship is involved with this movie and it shows the weakness of a man with two beautiful women fighting over one person.

The character that Derek’s portraying here is way different from No other Woman. He’s younger in this movie.

Derek really likes the storyline of A Secret Affair and he hope it does well. He can’t really go into deep about the story because he might give it away because he’s excited about it.

Aside from the loads of project Derek has, he still loves sports, particularly in ultimate Frisbee. He is very happy that their team which is SMART TV5 Pilipinas won the gold medal award on their past game in Singapore last week which 25 teams from different countries they compete.

It is pointed to Derek’s good catch of Frisbee disk as a receiver of his team and getting the foul from the opponent who won them the score 11-10.

Recalling the fact that Derek has said his retirement to ultimate Frisbee, He was supposed to be the couch of the team but he couldn’t stop himself and he entered the game to play.

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