Gail Bautista and Husband Cleared on Ramgen Murder Case

September 5, 2012, Parañaque City Prosecutors Office cleared Gail Baustista and her husband Hiro Furiyama on the case of murder and frustrated murder of the actor Ramgen Revilla and his girlfriend Janelle Manahan last year.
According to the written resolution, Janelle Manahan’s side wasn’t able to give enough evidences to drag the couple in the case.
Janelle, the girlfriend of Ramgen, was with him on the night of the crime. She suffered wounds and injuries particularly on the face because of the incident.
Ramgen was murdered October 28, 2011, in their house on BF Homes, Parañaque City.
Gail and Hiro were dragged on the murder case of Ramgen because of the affidavit and testimonies of Janelle and the other accused, Francis Tolisora and Michael Nartea.
The couple said that they had nothing to do with the murder of Ramgen.
Aside from Gail, other suspects on the Ramgen Revilla murder case were their other siblings, Ramona and Ramon Joseph Bautista.
Ramon Joseph is currently detained at Parañaque Municipal Jail while the case is going on.
Police are still looking for Ramona after she left the Philippines a few days after Ramgen’s murder.
Ramgen, Ramona, Gail and Ramon Joseph are children of former Senator Ramon Revilla Sr. with Actress Genelyn Magsaysay.
Ronald Angacajas, Ramgen’s personal assistant, took the witness stand last Tuesday, September 4.
He repeated his first statement that Ramona and RJ are involved in the murder of Ramgen.
The lawyer of RJ, atty. Jeffrey Gepte cross examined Ronald Angcajas.
Again, Angcajas insisted that he saw RJ and Ramona went out of the house on the night of the crime.
He positively identified RJ as the man he saw went out of the house that night.
He easily saw the two because his room is just above the garage of the house.
But RJ’s camp didn’t believe his statement and said that it’s “not believable” at “fabricated.”
On September 18, Janelle Manahan is scheduled to take the witness stand.

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