Katrina Halili Gave Birth To A Baby Girl

Katrina Halili is now a proud mom to her baby with singer Kris Lawrence last Tuesday night of September 18.

Katrina gave birth to a 6.6 lbs baby girl via caesarean section, around 7pm at St. Luke’s Hospital on Quezon City.

The couple named her “Katrence” which is a combination of Katrina and Lawrence’s name.

Katrina and Katrence are now doing well.

PROUD DAD. Kris cannot hide his happiness when he saw their baby girl.

He said on his Twitter account: “Katrence is here!!!! She’s the most beautiful thing ive ever seen…”

He added.

“When u look at ur own kid & she looks back at you…everything around you turns into a blur, stops, mutes and it’s just the 2 of you…wow.”

“Im feeling emotions that i never even knew existed…thank you Lord. This is the best thing thats ever happened to me.”

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