Anne Curtis isn’t allowed to mention Derek Ramsay’s name while promoting “A Secret Affair”.

Anne Curtis confirmed at the press conference of A Secret Affair last night, October 15 that the rumor is true that it isn’t allowed to mention Derek Ramsay’s name every time she promotes their movie on Showtime.

“Opo” Answered Anne when she was questioned if the said issue is true.

Said the Viva talent, “Ano ang magagawa ko, di ba?”

“I mean, in the beginning, yes, I was frustrated of the thought that I couldn’t even say the name of my leading man on  It’s Showtime.”

“But, at the end of the day, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

“I mean, they have their own reason so I have to respect that bilang nagtatrabaho po ako doon [ABS-CBN].”

“So, ayoko na lang to imbibe the negativity di ba?”

“Think about the positive na lang and all-out na lang on other channels.”

Press also interrogates Derek what’s his reaction to this derective from his past home network.

He said, “At first, my reaction was I was a little bit upset, but I wasn’t mad.”

“Like Anne said, I’m sure they have their reason why so I will just respect it.”

“What can I do? I respect the decision.”

“Like Anne said, we will just focus on the other channel or other promo.”

“Sad, but that’s the way it is.”

Derek’s transferring to TV5 last April this year is the said reason why it isn’t allowed for Anne to mention his name on Its Showtime and other TV programs of Kapamilya network.

Last April 2, 2012, ABS-CBN Corporate Communications Head Bong Osorio confirmed the switching of Derek to TV5.

According to Osorio, Derek didn’t decline to the big amount of money offered by TV5 management to him.

“For months, ABS-CBN has exerted efforts to make him stay as a Kapamilya. TV5, however, offered him an amount that was difficult for him to refuse. We thank Derek for the many years he has been with ABS-CBN.”

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