“I’m emotional, but at the same time, kailangan mo munang mag-isip bago ka magbitaw ng salita.”, Derek Ramsay on haters.


Derek Ramsay wants to put a period to the chapter of intricate talking about him and his ex-girlfriend, Angelica Panganiban.


He admitted that he’s hurting to the haters attack but still, he respects all of these.


Derek seriously stated, “It’s hard sometimes, merong haters medyo bastos na magbigay ng opinyon. Hindi na nga opinyon, atake na, e. But there is no way you can make everybody like you.”


“Respeto lang ang puwede mong ibigay at yung tunay mong pagkatao, that’s it. That’s how I was brought up to live my life and that’s how I’m gonna continue to live my life.”


“I’m emotional, but at the same time, kailangan mo munang mag-isip bago ka magbitaw ng salita.”


“I made many mistakes in my life. The important thing is matuto ka sa mga mistakes na ginawa mo.”


ON ANGELICA’S “PASABOG.” Last Tuesday, November 13 Angelica had like a “Twitter press conference” due to her unexpected tweet that she was open to respond to her followers on Twitter regarding her and Derek.


Angelica has a lot of bomb attacked to Derek.


But Derek’s only response to it is that he has nothing to do if that’s how Angelica feels.


To Derek’s added statement, this might be the last time he’s going to make statement regarding him and Angelica.


He still strongly clarifies that he finds their togetherness with Angelica in 6 years valuable.


He said, “You know what, six years kaming nagsama. I look back on those six years, I don’t regret and I enjoyed. So, guys, please let’s give that relationship that much respect.


“You don’t have to like me, but yung pinagsamahan namin, sana irespeto niyo naman yun.”


“Six years is no joke. There’s a lot of hard work, lot of happiness, lot of tears, but we have to draw the line [on] how much we give to everybody.”


“I just wanna respect the relationship. It deserves that.”

A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP. Due to the publicity of their relationship that ended in separation, He wants to have a normal relationship now.


He ended, “I don’t want it to be so high-profile. It’s too much hard work, too many people expecting, too many people judging. I don’t want that.”


“I just want a normal relationship.”






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