Jennifer Lopez on Filipino Fans, “I’m so excited to perform and see you guys.”


Jennifer Lopez promised to give a different kind of show that Filipino fans will surely love on her Dance Again World Tour.

The concert will launch at Mall of Asia Arena on Monday, November 26.

JLo stated what her fans should expect to her upcoming concert.

She describes, “It’s a lot of energy, you know, you get a lot of the songs that you’ve known before, a couple of new ones.”

“It’s very theatrical in the sense that [you] kinda tell a story.”

“And I think people have really enjoyed it throughout the States and it’s been going really well.”

Jlo is glad that she reads a lot of tweets from her Filipino fans that extending how much they’re excited to the upcoming concert.

The Puerto Rican said, “I would like thank the Philippines who tweeted me, to those twitter Filipino fans.”

“It’s amazing, they’re really so supportive and loving. Some of them said, ‘Come to Manila.’”

For now, the popular singer focuses more on performing after she didn’t renew as a judge of American Idol.

This is said to be her first love, but it was a beautiful experience she encountered though in American Idol.

She said, “Sitting and judging and being part of the show is a beautiful thing.”

“But sitting as judge is not really what I do.”

“You know, I’m a performer, I’m an actress, I’m an entertainer.”

“And at the end of the day, that’s what I get back to.”

At the end, Jennifer stretched her message to her Filipino fans:

“All my fans in Manila, I’m so excited to perform and see you guys.”


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  1. Will Smith says:

    I am waiting to see her getting a live on dance floor again. She will make the groove for everyone.