“Everything my mom said was true anyway.”, Andi Eigenmann

Andi Eigenmann is disappointed to the statement of her ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito.

Andi expressed her thoughts through her Twitter account.

Hours after the news about Jake’s statement in London, Andi posted on Twitter:

“Feeling perfect. Gross.”

After few minutes, Andi posted again defending her mother, Jaclyn Jose:

“So much for going against my own mother and sacrificing our relatnship just to give u what u want.Fyi everything my mom said was true anyway.”

Andi added: “I hate boysssssssss”

Jake, presently student in London stated the reasons of their break up with the Kapamilya actress.

He admitted that it all started after coming out of an interview on Jaclyn about him and Andi.

Jaclyn expressed in the interview that the hindrance to the love for each other of her daughter and Jake might be the parents of the guy.

Jaclyn said “baka ayaw ng parents” ni Jake ang relasyon nito kay Andi.”

To the words of Jaclyn to the press, Jake is son of deposed President Joseph “Erap” Estrada and one of his mistresses, former actress Laarni Enriquez.

Jake stated about Jaclyn, “Kasi, yung statements niya, yung insinuations were unwarranted.

“Wala naman siyang sinabi blatantly, pero parang na-put yung parents ko in a bad light.”

“I respect Tita Jane [tawag niya kay Jaclyn] very much. But then, parang nagulat lang ako at, siyempre, sumama na rin yung loob ko dahil, yun nga, medyo napasama yung parents ko.”


NOT YET RIGHT TIME TO TALK. Jake clears that him and Andi talked about this already

Like him, Andi was also shocked to the interview of her mother.

Andi tried to talk to the parents of Jake.

But according to Jake, “Ang sabi naman ng mom ko, ‘Not right now. Maybe someday soon. Pero huwag muna ngayon.”

“Kasi, siyempre, fresh pa lahat.

“Nagulat din mom ko, kasi ang tahimik, e. Ang tahi-tahimik na ng lahat, biglang may ganito.”

Even though they broke up, Jake admitted that they still talk to each other.


ANDI’S BLOG POST ON ERAP & LAARNI. Related to this, Andi posted one entry on her personal blog, Mermaid Mayhem last November 4.

Andi stated, “I just really hope I’d be granted an opportunity to apologize personally, to show more sincerity than this blog post.”

“But I guess this could be a good way to start. Maybe somehow I’d be heard. Well just in case, here goes.”

“I wouldnt have fallen in love with such a fine young man if not for the amazing parents he has that surely raised him well.”

“People who brought him up to be the smart, kind hearted, humble gentleman that he is.”

“Therefore, I know for a fact that it will be wrong for all of you to judge his parents negatively just because they only want what’s best for him.”

ANDI’S BLOG POST ON MOM JACLYN. To the said blog post, Andi also said that she understands what her mother said to the interview.

“I know for a fact that it wasnt her intention at all. Maybe at that point, she too was only being a mom.”

“Just as your parents would want whats best for you, she just wants the same for me, and this time Im guessing she just wanted to let others know that I deserve it too. (in her opinion that is).”

“Im not angry at my mother, dont get me wrong.”

“Besides the fact that Im not allowing myself to, cus i have respect for her, I also know that she couldnt have possibly done that to throw Jake and I under the bus on purpose.”

JAKE’S COLD TREATMENT. For now, Jake admits that he’s pretty cold to his treatment to Andi.

Although He’s still hoping for reconciliation to all of this, Jake admits that he’s hurt for his mother.

He might had a hard feelings to the statement of Jaclyn, Jake clears, “wala namang nawala sa respect ko sa kanya.”

He added, “Siguro, may mga nasabi lang siya na siguro nabigla din siya.”

“Nandun pa rin yung respect ko sa kanya and everything.”

“Sumama lang yung loob ko nang konti, pero Tita Jane pa rin siya sa akin.”


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