Anne Curtis Defends Her Mother on Twitter Bashers


Even though Anne Curtis has more than three million followers on Twitter, it seems like all of them are not her fans.

Yesterday, November 5, Anne has six consecutive posts on her Twitter account, @annecurtissmith, regarding the insults of her 2 followers towards her mother.

Anne mentioned the two followers, “@dudeinterrupted” and “@Khatieness.”

Although Anne deleted her posts on her account, the said hater @dudinterrupted happened to screen grab and posted it on his account.

With the picture and message to the actress: “You said so dahl @annecurtissmith, I don’t want to make another war to anyone kasi its Christmas, maybe next year noh?!”


“I COME IN PEACE.” This is not the first time Anne defended her family from some “bashers” or “detractors”.

According to the report of ABS-CBN News, last November 2011, “Pinay maid” was called to her mom and “Aussie loser guy” to his dad who was tagged on her account and her sister Jasmine Curtis-Smith

According to the post of Anne, She wants to clear that her mother was never been a “maid” and if every it happened, she’ll be proud of it.

The Showtime host added, she doesn’t appreciate people who disrespects her mother.

Here’s the consecutive posts of Anne:

“@dudeinterrupted @Khatieness Well hello you. We meet again. But dont worry i come in peace. Just to clarify once again my mother was never”

“@dudeinterrupted @Khatieness a maid. In fact if ever she was i would be proud and would not hide it in embarrassment at all. She may not”

“@dudeinterrupted @Khatieness have come from a well off family but she never ashamed of her roots and took all of us visit where she grew”

“@dudeinterrupted @Khatieness up. So you can say whatever you want. I wont fight you BUT i will clarify..She is after all my mother and i”

“@dudeinterrupted @Khatieness I dont appreciate people who disrespect her. You’d probably do the same. Anyway, Now that is clear. I hope”

“@dudeinterrupted @Khatieness you will please stop saying false things about my mother. Thank you. :)


ANNE’S FANS BASH BACK. Meanwhile, @dudinterrupted responds to Anne’s posts.

Said, “@Khatieness @annecurtissmith nothing wrong with Pinay maids noh, why the shame? Love yew dahl!”

Added, “That’s what you get for being 3rd world famous, your business is not only yours anymore. Its EVERBODY’s! And that includes Le D noh. Besos!”

@Khatieness  answered: “Hahahaha..Anne included me in her twits w/ @dudeinterrupted.. someone need to tell her how to delete some mentions in replying.. #clown”

Fans of Anne responds to the two bashers.

@Khatieness post a tweet minutes after and said: “I got pop corn Anne and to all her die hard fans.. Carry on”

She added, “Anne Curtis-Smith fans #pathetic. Sorry will not stood down to your level.. #clown #cheap… BTW, my twitter my rule..”

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