PH Dropped from International Piracy Watchlist

Optical Media Board Chair (OMB) Ronnie Ricketts is not resting on his laurels.

A Special 301 Review showed that the Philippines has been taken out of the international piracy watch list category and even elevated to Special Mention level.

Big achievement.  “This is a big thing,” Ronnie announced at the presscon of his comeback film, “Fighting Chefs,” which he also directs. “Parati ng nasa watch list tayo noon.” He doesn’t take all the credit though, insisting that everything was a team effort.

The citation has inspired Ronnie to be even more active in pushing an international information campaign to boost anti-piracy efforts. Ronnie just came from Singapore for this. Ronnie is just as proud of how his team helped the 2012 Metro Manila Filmfest exceed its target and grossed P767-M, the highest in its decades-long history so far.

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