Mariel Rodriguez’s realizations

Experience, they say, is the best teacher. And Mariel Rodriguez has learned a lot about herself and about marriage from the hullabaloo that her jealous fit over husband Robin Padilla’s love scene with co-star Kris Aquino created. “I learned that hindi dapat masyadong impulsive,” she told Yahoo! Philippines OMG! in-between segments of TV5’s “Wowowillie,” which she hosts with main man Wilie Revillame, Grace Lee, Camille Villar and Arci Munoz.

Sometimes, without you knowing it, Mariel explains, your actions are already affecting a lot of people. Your emotions just carry you away and yout blurt out what you feel. “E ako , transparent. I express what I feel,” she goes on. That jealous fit, Mariel adds, has nothing to do with Kris, or even their “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw” co-star nAnne Curtis, both of whom vowed never to get intimate with Robin on screen.

It’s all about how Mariel felt like a wronged wife who thought what she saw on TV was something that should happen only between her and her husband. “It was just shocking,” she recalls.

Not controlling Mariel wants to make it clear that she’s not the controlling type who wants to dictate on her husband. “To those who think na makitid ang utak ko, I say, ‘Hello! Robin and I have been married almost three years and isang beses lang ako nag react. I don’t even look at his scripts .”

Other people’s opinions about her, states Mariel, don’t count. But Robin’s attitude towards her does. And Mariel realizes how lucky she is because Robin takes her for what she is. “I realize all the more that marriage is for better or for worse. Tanggap ni Robin ang topak ko. He loves me for what I am.”

In return, Robin has Mariel’s total obedience in things big and small. She dropped by the recent Philippine Entertaiment Portal (PEP) sixth anniversary celebration and the launch of its PEP List 2012 awards to represent Robin, who can’t make it that day.

Mariel flew with Robin to Tawi-Tawi, where she embarked on a humanitarian mission in the midst of the Sabah controversy. She knew the risks involved, but Mariel didn’t care. All she knew was that Mindanao is close to her husband’s heart, and she must support him. “He laid down his cards before we got married,” recalls Mariel.

Robin didn’t force her to go to Tawi-Tawi. He even asked if she’s up to it. Mariel didn’t regret what she did. Seeing the happiness in our Muslim brothers’ eyes when they saw her was more than enough.

New purpose “Kahit may pinagdadaanan sila, our mere presence made them happy. Blessed ako kasi may purpose ako sa mundo, kahit for a while. That purpose is to make people happy, something we do here in ‘Wowowillie.’ But this one goes even deeper.” Mariel would have gone to Jolo on the day of this interview, but the pilots were suddenly barred from flying there.

Mariel would have loved playing her new role: that of a peace ambassador of sorts. “Hindi mo naman kailangan ng title para sa ano mang gusto mong gawin,” she smiles. This, and many other things she’s learning as Robin’s wife, are a wake-up call for Mariel. Now, she’s not just a wife. She’s also a peace negotiator, a stepmom, etc.

“Robin is spontaneous,” she observes. “Bukas, sasabihin niya na punta kami dito. You have to ride along.”
That’s just fine with Mariel, who admits being impulsive herself. The two are a perfect match. And everything – even their decision to postpone having a child of their own – is falling into place.

Now, Mariel can’t wait for her next adventure with the man she loves and will continue to love – no matter what others think or say.

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