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Raymart Santiago and Claudine Baretto Are Still Together

The speculations between Raymart and Claudine started last October 25, when Claudine was supposed to withdraw a large sum of money from her joint account with Raymart Santiago. The actress was surprised to know that the money that she was supposed to withdraw was gone.

Claudine was with her attorney when the incident happened, Atty. Agnes Maranan. The news spread and the media was able to shoot some of the footage that happened in the bank.

Rumors began to circulate that the couple was already separated and that Raymart was to blame for the incident. Raymart was the only one who had access to their joint account.

Jennylyn Mercado was also caught up with th e issue. She was linked to Raymart even though she has a relationship with Kapamilya TV host-actor na si Luis Manzano.

Jennylyn and Raymart were in the same early primetime series ng GMA-7 na Futbolilits.

Jennylyn’s camp denied the issue between her and Raymart, that they don’t have any connection between Raymart aside from work.

Due to the speculations circulating, Raymart and Claudine released a statement.

“In recent days, there have been numerous negative rumors about our marriage and our relationship, all of which have caused us, our children, and our families undue stress, strain, and unnecessary tension.

“In order to dispel all these unfounded innuendos, we now publicly declare, in the simplest and clearest terms that:

“WE ARE STILL TOGETHER, we have not separated, we love each other, and we both value and cherish our marriage and relationship.

“Any issues that we may have are private, and do not detract from, nor diminish, the strength of our marriage. We ask that the public allow us to deal with our minor concerns without the glare and glee of media speculation that only hurt us and those we love.

“We are both deeply committed to our two (2) children, whom we love unconditionally. As concerned and devoted parents, we shall zealously protect their privacy, and their right to be untouched by malice and gossip. We plead with the public to respect their rights: they are innocent children unjustly harmed by the baseless gossip about us.

“We hope this JOINT STATEMENT settles and lays to rest all questions about us as a couple, and as individuals.”

Julia: Too Young For Enchong

Enchong Dee, the 22-year-old “Maria La Del Barrio” lead start is said to have dated 16-year-old Julia Montes, one of the breakout stars of the recently-concluded hit TV soap remake, “Mara Clara.” They have also been rumored to be a couple already.

Enchong denied these allegations and told the press at the launch of his new endorsement of the vitamin and supplement brand Nutrilite last October 22 at the 55 Events Place in Quezon City; that “Hindi pa kami. Hindi pa naman, Siguro kapag 18-years-old na siguro siya.”

Enchong even made a joke, asking the press to give him time to make his move.

“Bigyan niyo naman ako ng pagkakataon manligaw,” Enchong said, laughing. “Close kami. We’re happy. Hindi lang kami nagkikita for awhile. Siguro mas padalagahin pa natin siya. Bata pa siya eh.”

He openly admitted that he has a crush on Julia. They already have worked together in the teen-oriented show, “Shoutout.” And when asked if it is Julia’s decision to make their rumored relationship private, he replied, “No. Kasi wala pa naman. Siguro kapag meron na. We’re willing to open up. Oo naman, aaminin namin.”

Enchong remains single and happy these days. He is in no rush into having a girlfriend. He is currently focused on his work, “Maria La Del Barrio” and “ASAP Rocks.”

When asked about having a relationship, he replied, “Huwag na muna, basta ang masasabi ko lang masaya ako, not necessarily having a girlfriend or having a relationship naman yun eh. Basta yung inspiration lang para uuwi ka masaya ka.”

He also admitted that he has had no showbiz girlfriends yet and “if ever, sa showbiz, siya [Julia] yung magiging first girlfriend…sana.”

He said that he has had just two other relationships. “I had one girlfriend sa swimming, then one nu’ng college pa.”

Ram Revilla’s Murderers Arrested

Ram Revilla, brother of Senator “Bong” Revilla, was shot and stabbed by a gunman who entered their house in BF Homes, Paranaque. His girlfriend, Janelle Manahan, sustained a gunshot wound and is under observation.

Ram was declared dead on arrival at the Paranaque Medical Center last October, 29, past midnight.

Ram is only 22 years old. He is the son of former Senator Ramon Revilla Sr. and Genelyn Magsaysay. He is also an actor who has appeared in several shows.

Ram was gunned with a 9 mm or a .45 caliber gun and was stabbed numerous times.

The Parañaque Police has apprehended Ramon Joseph “RJ” Bautista, Michael Cruz Altia, and Roy Francis Tolisora in connection with the murder of Ram Revilla this November 1.

RJ, 18, is the brother of Ram, and he is said to be the mastermind of the crime that had happened on October 28.

Ruel Puzon, one of the hired killers of Ram, came out and testified that Rj was the mastermind of the said crime.

According to Philippine Star, Puzon said in his sworn testimony that the suspects paid him Php 200,000 to kill Ram Revila. For the reason that “hindi ito mabuti, sinusuway ang kanyang mga magulang, at sinasaktan ang mga kapatid.”

Albie Talks About Issue With Andie

Andi Eigenmann has announced to the public that the father of her unborn child is Albie Casino, but the young actor would rather keep mum about the issue.

When asked why he hasn’t commented about it, his reply was, “I don’t know. I’d rather be just quiet and not talk about it.”

He admitted that he has not spoken to Andi nor her family about it yet, but is open about it if they would like to do so.

“Not yet. Kung meron siya (initiative). If she has one, I guess,” Albie said at the presscon of “Aswang,” his movie for Regal Films.

“I really don’t want to say anything against them. I’d just rather not talk about them, honestly,”

“I don’t want anything from them. If they want something from me, sila ang pupunta,” Albie told the press.

Albie said that he doesn’t feel bad about these accusations.

“Wala namang galit. Hindi ako nagha-harbor ng galit. Of course, it’s unfair. Pero nothing’s fair in life naman. I can’t do anything about it. I can’t fix that,” Albie mused.

Albie added that he does not want to defend himself to the public, and what matters most to him is that his family and friends know who he really is as a person.

“I don’t really want to defend myself. I’m really a positive person pero yung malinis yung pangalan ko, I think malabo yun. No offense, but the press can make it look like what they want it to look like,” he said.

Albie pointed out that he is willing to take a DNA test if both parties agree on it. But he’s not too interested in it.

“I think that was from the start pa yan (issue). Pero sige di ba? But I really don’t think about it honestly,” Albie said.

Shaina Breaks Her Silence!

In a recent interview with Boy Abunda, Shaina finally breaks her silence about the issue circulating that she and John Lloyd Cruz have broken up.

Shaina revealed how she felt about the issue.

“Parang sumusobra na, e.

“Para bang dahil lang siguro nasanay sila dahil hindi ako nagsasalita.

“Dahil lagi ko na lang pinipili na tumahimik, kakayan-kayanin na lang nila ako.

“So, I figured gusto kong gawin nga ito, Tito Boy, this interview para once and for all matapos na ito.”

“Sa mga nakikisawsaw sa pinagdadaanan namin… lalo na dun sa nagsasamantala sa pinagdadaanan namin.

“Bilang magkarelasyon, bilang mga tao, parang di ko kayang hayaan na tapak-tapakan, bastusin [na lang kami]…” the young actress said.

The issue all started when rumors of the two have broken-up.

In a separate interview, John Llyod did not directly say that they were broken-up, but were facing tough times.

“To be honest, hindi maayos yung mga bagay-bagay ngayon.

“Yun lang ang kaya kong sabihin sa ngayon, yung mga bagay na yun is not looking good.

“I’d rather na tumahimik na lang ako hanggang sa maayos sana namin o mabigyan ng closure kung anuman.”

When Ruffa Gutierrez was once again caught up between the two, Shaina cleared things up in her interview. She said that Ruffa was not the reason why they are having problems. However, she does confess that she texted Ruffa.

“Nag-text siya kay John Lloyd right after we left the party and I replied.

“I told her to leave us alone, gaya ng gusto kong sabihin sa kanya.

“Ako kasi yung tipo ng tao na sasarilinin ko muna, hindi ko muna sasabihin hangga’t kaya ko pa but lately, di ko na kinaya [ang problema].”

Karylle and Yael rumored to be an item

Karylle has just come back from Singapore after finishing her Pan-Asian musical series, “The Kitchen Musical”. Just after the singer-actress Karylle left for Singapore, rumors have persisted that she and Yael Yuzon are an item. The Spongecola vocalist was prompted by members of the press during a recent presscon if they are simply keeping the media guessing.

But according to Karylle, she simply does not want to over share.

“Hindi lang kami nagde-define publicly because, siguro, it’s just something I don’t want to overshare,” Karylle told Yahoo! Philippines OMG! in recent interview. “Because one question leads to another and, before you know, you’ve dug yourself into a hole.”

“Shame on me naman if I didn’t learn my lesson,” she said.

Karylle’s love for gossip is also one of the reasons why she has kept mum about the rumored romance.

“I myself am a self-confessed… hindi naman tabloid junkie, pero my secret shame talaga is tsismosa ako. I love really all the gossip sites,” she explained. “And I think it would be a shame if I read all those gossip and didn’t learn anything from it.”

Still, Karylle said she isn’t completely silent about the rumored romance.

“Hindi rin naman ako naging kuripot because I’ve written my own songs. So, somehow, if you’re wise, you’ll find the answers in the music,” she said.

John Lloyd and Shaina Magdayao Break-up

It has been reported that celebrity couple John Lloyd and Shaina Magdayao has broken-up. It was a said that it all started on Bea Alonzo’s birthday celebration on October 8, 2011 at The Establishment.

Ruffa Gutierrez is once again caught up between the couple’s rumored break-up. However the actress and TV host chooses to keep mum regarding the issue.

Jun Lalin, Ruffa’s publicist told Yahoo! Philippines OMG! that the actress-host has no reaction on the issue so far.

Ruffa’s controversial Tweets has attracted much attention to her and to the couple. Even though that there were no direct tweet to the issue. On October 18, Ruffa tweeted the following:

“No cure for the INSECURE! Kalurks ka girl!!! Seriously. Be real! That was so nineteen kopong kopong! I shouldve stayed home & slept.”

She added: “Behind a tweet is a back story. Please huwag nyo po akong palabasin na masama.☹ I’m the nicest person on earth but what I hate the most is receiving psychotic messages at ungodly hours. This isn’t the first. Thank God this time I have many credible witnesses who can defend me.”

A more recent tweet from the Kapatid actress posted on October 21 says: “No Cure For The Insecure. Everyone still keeps asking me who I’m pertaining to. Deadma na. Someone said sorry na in her behalf and that’s all that matters.”

Early this year, Ruffa confirmed that Shaina called her around 2am to talk about John Lloyd. It can be recalled that Ruffa was romantically involved with John Lloyd prior to Shaina.

The Original Wife: Jinkee Pacquiao

Jinkee Pacquiao, wife of Saranggani Congressman and boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, has finally commented regarding the recent controversy Manny is facing. He is alleged to have an extra-marital affair with a culinary student named Kat Ordoñez and that he had a child with this woman.

In the article written by Robbie Pangilinan in, Jinkee expressed her reaction over the issue, as well as her support to her husband’s upcoming fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

“Suwerte ko, I’m the original, not the other woman,” Jinkee said.

Manny has an upcoming fight with Juan Manuel Marquez on Novermber 12 in Las Vegas and Jinkee said that the issue regarding Manny’s alleged affair will just distract her husband.

“This rumor is a distraction and a destruction. It will only slow and hurt Manny. I don’t want him to worry,” Jinkee said.

The boxing champ’s wife said that she is confident that Manny will be loyal and faithful to her.

“I love my husband very much. I trust him, because he promised he will not get involved with anyone anymore, after Krista,” she said. Krista Ranillo, an actress, was also linked to Manny in 2009.

It was previously reported that Jinkee won’t watch the fight on November 12. However, she retracted and told that she will be going to the US with her sister Janet Jamora. She is also set to meet hotel heiress and socialite Paris Hilton for some business meetings.

Regarding the issue with Manny, Jinkee added that she will deal with that and talk to Manny after the fight.

“I will deal with him after the fight.”

Vice Ganda vs. Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda has been rising in fame with their successful shows and movies. The two are referred to as “unkabogable” or unbeatable in the industry. Anne’s recent movie, “No other Woman”, has been a box-office hit grossing over P258 million.

Vice Ganda has earned his title as “unkagogable”, for his successful TV shows “Showtime” and “Gandang Gabi Vice”. His sold out concerts at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum and his box-office hit movie “Petrang Kabayo” all contributed to his fame.

Vice has an up and coming show “The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin” which will open nationwide on Oct. 26, 2011.

The two co-hosts has been pitted against each other on who will be the reigning “unkabogable” queen.

Vice in a recent interview said, “Huwag naman ganung pressure. Feeling ko rin magiging hit ang pelikulang ito pero ayaw ko ring i-pressure ang sarili ko na dapat matalo ko ang movie ni Anne.”

Vice however is more confident that his new movie is better than his debut movie “Petrang Kabayo”. What he is sure of is that he makes sure that his present projects are better than the last.

“I just live by the day,” he confessed. “What I have at the moment I make sure na papagandahin ko yung pagkakataon na yun. Unconceivable lahat po ito kasi ibinigay lang. Sa next project ko, pagsasama-samahin namin ang efforts and talents and lahat siguro ng mga ginawa namin sa ‘Petrang Kabayo’ and ‘Praybeyt Benjamin,’ gagawin namin sa next movie ko.”

Whether or not Vice beats Anne “Bisyosa” Curtis for the “unkabogable box-office queen,” he is already declared himself a winner when he said, “I’m very proud of this movie!”

Kim and Gerald Back Together

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson had broken up a year ago. Today they have since been good friends. They star at their own primetime dramas, paired opposite other stars. However, rumors has not stopped about them going back together.

During the recent Star Magic catalogue launch, Kim has denied all rumors about them being romantically back together.

Kim said in a jest, “Hindi nga kami nagkikita, eh. Nakita ko lang siya ulit sa ‘ASAP,’ so ayun. Huwag na muna natin isipin yan. Hayaan na muna natin yun at saka focus muna kami sa project namin. Tsaka na lang natin isipin yang mga love-love na yan,”

Kim now stars in an ABS-CBN hit series, “My Binondo Girl”. Here she plays a woman pretending to be a man, seeing for her father’s love.

While in a separate interview, Gerald said that he is proud of the success of Kim’s drama show and that he even teases Kim that she is more handsome than him when she plays the role of Yuan.

As for their love life, both of them have put that aside and now concentrating on their careers.

Like Kim, Gerald is all about his career. He plays the lead role of “Budoy” in the TV soap of the same name.

In fact Kim has congratulated him for his success.

“I congratulated him nung nakita ko and maganda kasi yung reviews. Si Gerald, iba naman talaga siya pagdating sa project niya, sobrang dedicated. Kinongrats ko siya in advance.”