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YES! Exclusive: KC Concepcion Bares Her New Home

Many would think that a star as big as KC Concepcion need not work hard to get what she wants. But what people do not know is that KC is an independent woman who knows exactly what she wants and knows how to get it on her own.

“When people wanna bring me down, the easiest thing they say to me or about me is ‘Wala namang inano ‘yan, e. Ano’ng pinagtrabahuhan niya?’ Parang feeling siguro nila, nagpapamanicure lang ako buong araw, di ba?”

She says, “And it’s like, eto, ni isang centavo, wala akong hiningi, and I’m thankful I can do that. And that’s why I think, in a way na-prove ko rin sa family ko na kahit ano’ng mangyari, magsu-survive ako. Na may survival skills pala ako.”

KC has found her sanctuary in a quiet neighborhood in Bonifacio Global City.

The spacious condominium, which she describes as very open and airy fulfills everything KC wants her home to be—modern, sleek, and very Pinoy.

The desire to have an open space for her home comes from her experience living in hallway-sized apartments while in Paris.

“Since college ako, I had this idea, of, like, a dream pad, because in Paris you live in such small spaces.”

So when KC was finally building her own home, she made sure that her condo was made as open and airy as possible.

To achieve this, the construction required tearing down of walls and revising the original division of the rooms.

The two of the smaller rooms of the three-bedroom unit was converted into a walk-in closet and a home office.

One of the house’s main features is an illuminated onyx wall, a statement piece that separates KC’s living room from the kitchen.

Aside from having to deal with the brittleness of the onyx, the materials also had to be flown from Italy. This slowed down the construction of the wall, and took builders seven months to finish.

Like her onyx wall, all the other pieces in KC’s home was personally handpicked, combining high-end furniture with locally-made ones, vintage pieces, and even items from her lola’s house. The common factor is that each piece in the house truly represents her.

She even muses, “Kung tao kasi ‘tong bahay na ‘to, mula dulo ng buhok hanggang dumi sa kuko alam ko, e.”