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“All About Eve” explosive finale

all-about-eve The final week  for “All About Eve” will become more explosive to an end. We dont know who will end up with each other. It might be Nicole and Kenneth or Erica and Warren. Will they be all happy in the end? Those are only some questions you shouldn’t miss in the final episode of All About Eve.

The story of All About Eve is an adaptation of Korean Drama. Its covers about ambition, love story, hatred and family.

The main cast of the story really potrayed their individual roles, gave their best.  And sees to it that the viewers will enjoy watching it.

Thrills, actions and twist are going to happened and lots of questions unanswered so better watched out for their finale week to find out whats going to happened next.

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Baron Geisler’s “alcoholic problem” bares by her ex gf

BaronBaron is one of the most controversial young actors in this generation. While his performance as an actor is stellar and his career becoming stiff, he has confessed to being addicted to alcohol and has been involved in numerous fights.

Her ex gf  Dionne Monsanto, former Pinoy Big Brother housemate, told abs-cbn NEWS  that it is true that Baron really has a drinking problem. She did try to stopped him from being like that but unfortunately Baron stills continue. That is one of the reason that they broke up with eachother and end their relationship.

He is now currently facing a law suit by former PBB housemate Yayo Aguila’s daughter Patricia alleging him for sexual harrasment.

And lately, new accussations was being charged to him by Yasmin Kurdi for acts of lasciviousness.

He is now considering changing network from ABS-CBN to GMA Network after being offered to be a part of SRO Cinemaserye of GMA Channel 7.

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Regine still sexy at 30

Regine Tolentino Regine Tolentino married at an early age of 18 to Lander Vera Perez. They’ve been married for 12 years already and blessed with two lovely daughters.

She is very visible on screen because of her GMA morning show Unang Hirit.  She is also one of the choreographer for SOP.  She is not just a good  Dance instructor also an Entrepreneur/businesswoman. And, most important of all, a happy wife.

She managed to stay young and sexy at the age of 30 mainly because of her positive thinking and time management. Her husband now is currently working at DFA at Intel Division. They are both happy now with their respective choosen careers.

Regine is endorsing YSA Skin Care Center which took care of her skin and give her a fresh, young ang looking sexy even at the age of 30.  She also said that No matter how busy you are (career & family) be sure not to forget to take care of yourself. Love yourself first.

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Katrina Halili is “negative” for drug test result

katrina-halili1 Actress Katrina Halili has been talked of the town because of her controversial issues involving her and ex-boyfriend Hayden Kho.

She had been to PDEA or Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency to clear all the allegations to her by Mr. Kho that she is a drug users.

The sexy actress submitted a urine sample to the agency but PDEA reportedly said that the test result was inconclusive. Drugs in urine can only be detected three to eight days after taking them, reports said.

Hair samples, on the other hand, can reportedly provide a more conclusive test result. PDEA, however, is not yet equipped to analyze hair samples.

Halili accused Kho of violating the law on violence against women and their children in connection with the sex scandal. She also asked the Professional Regulation Commission to revoke the cosmetic surgeon’s license.

The actress also sued Kho’s mother, Irene, for accusing her of using drugs and influencing his son to take an illegal substance. On Tuesday, PDEA reported that she is negative for drug use.

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Juday continues endorsement even if she get pregnant

judayJudy Anne Lumagui Santos (screen name is Judy Ann Santos), popularly known as Juday (born May 11, 1978), is an award-winning and multi-nominated film and television actress in the Philippines. She has done several endoresements, movies, soap opera and sitcoms.

During her interview held at the ABS-CBN, she said that she will still continue to endorse even if she get pregnant. That she is blessed position when all whose products I endorse, didn’t take my marriage against me.

Juday said she looks forward to becoming a mother. At 30 years old, she wants to be young enough to have the energy to grow up with her child “and not helplessly watch him run away from me because I can’t keep up.”

The newly couples are very much in loved with eachother and in fact they were soon moving in to there dreamhouse.

Juday will be seen on her upcoming sitcom together with her husband Ryan Agoncillo, entitles “George and Cecil”. The show tells the story of an unconventional couple where the wife is tougher and more “man of the house” than the husband.

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JC Tiuseco won’t watch Katrina-Hayden video out of respect for her


Four months pa lang si JC Tiuseco sa showbiz simula nang manalo siya sa Survivor Philippines, pero in terms of confidence, masasabing naa-achieve na nga ito ni JC. Napansin namin ito sa kanya sa huling gabi ng Sweet 16 show ni John Lapus, kunsaan isa siya sa mga special guests.

Ipinaalala namin kay JC na noong nakaraang birthday show niya kasi sa Zirkoh, kinailangan pa niyang mag-wine para lang lumakas-lakas nang konti ang loob niya. Natatawa ito nang maalala rin yun. “Oo nga! Nakailang wine rin ako nun! Pero kabado pa rin.”

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JC Tiuseco is very visible on T.V. He is seen on Unang Hirit as host. He won the title as Pinoy Soul Survivor.

Nyoy: ‘I don’t owe Nina any amount’


SINGER Nyoy Volante on Sunday denied accusations of former girlfriend Nina that he still has debt to the female singer.

Nyoy, in a television interview, said that he does not owe Nina any amount, insisting that he already settled everything he borrowed from the soul siren before.

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Nyoy is the former boyfriend of Nina. They are both singers. And hope that they bcome good friends afterall.

David disappoints, David delights

David Archuleta and David Cook

David Archuleta and David Cook

“American Idol” champion David Cook disgruntled some of his Filipino fans by excluding “The Time Of My Life” in his Manila concert set list last May 16.

“The Time Of My Life” was the coronation song of “American Idol” Season 7 which Cook won. The song went as high as number three in the US Billboard charts and became an even bigger hit in Canada (#2) and in the Philippines (#1).

Instead, Cook performed a barrage of unreleased tracks from his self-titled album that left the crowd lethargic. Songs from “Analog Heart,” an album he released during his pre-“Idol” days, made the crowd even more listless.

“We’re playing songs you’ve never heard before,” Cook explained, noticing the lull. “Is that okay?”
The only familiar songs from Cook that night were “Light On” (first single off “Cook”) and his remake of “Always Be My Baby” (originally by Mariah Carey).

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I haven’t watched their concert but as far as I know It was successful and entertaining. Eventhough Mr. Cook didn’t sing the song The Time of my life which is also the song for coronation night of A.I season 7.

Raymond pursues his own American Dream

Raymond Bagatsing

Raymond Bagatsing

When Funfare met last week with Raymond Bagatsing at the coffee shop of the Beverly Hilton (where the international journalists were billeted for the print/TV interviews with Terminator Salvation stars Christian Bale and Sam Worthington…more on them in this Sunday’s Conversations with Ricky Lo), he begged off from talking about his private life.

It was understandable. When he married L.A.-based journalist Cora Pastrana last year, the thirtyish Raymond was roundly criticized (nay, ridiculed!) for marrying a woman twice his age even if, he insists, he did it for love and not for the papel (you know…).

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Raymond ia a very good actor.  Infact, he did movies and soap opera T.V. He is now married to Cora Pastrana and currently based at Los Angeles California.

Jinkee after the Belo touch

Jinkee Pacquiao

Jinkee Pacquiao

As the country’s No. 1 beauty clinic — with nothing coming even as close second — Belo Medical Center is endorsed only by the most luminous of personalities.

At the moment, there is no denying that Manny Pacquiao is the hottest celebrity in town. However, maybe it’s not exactly a good idea to make him a Belo endorser (at least, not yet) due to the nature of his profession, which, of course, is boxing. His face could get bashed during fights — although as the greatest fighter today he is the one who always puts the opponent to sleep… in a not so gentle way. If — heaven forbid — his face gets smashed in a fight, there goes all the efforts of Dr. Vicki Belo.

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Jinkee is pretty and I think she has the right to become Belo endorser.  She is the wife of Manny Pacquiao and they have four kids.