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Boxing bets in favor of Pacquiao over Marquez

The much anticipated boxing rematch event of the year is finally happening and boxing aficionados are starting to place their bets on Pacquiao than his opponent Marquez.

Quoted as the Mexicutioner, Manny was able to pave into boxing stardom after knocking out many strong Mexican opponents. He is the strongest boxer today and been the cover of many sporting magazines, the face of many sports apparels, and many more. Manny has become the money magnet  every time  he fights and millions people are present to watch expecting him to knock out whoever he will be fighting with.

Because of Pacquiao’s stance and confidence, he gained the hearts and the pockets of the many. According to Bob Arum “Manny Pacquiao generates huge, huge business for Las Vegas and when he fights here it’s almost equivalent of New Year’s Eve and the Superbowl.”

Whenever he fights, most of the time he wins. That is why the betting game is $ 975 in favor of Pacquiao. To test Pacquiao’s strength, US Senator Dean Heller is in favor of the People’s Champ. There is no denying that this fight will be his again.

However, no one can rule out or underestimate Juan Manuel Marquez. He is more experienced than Manny and definitely has undergone rigorous training to face his greatest opponent. Definitely Marquez will give his fans the fight of their lives.

The fight will surely make Manny $ 6 Million richer and $ 5 Million for Marquez, plus the millions they can still earn for the pay-per-view buys, advertisements, and who knows what else!

The veteran Tony Weeks will be the official referee. The panel judges will be Robert Hoyle, David Moretti, and Glen  Trowbirdge – the same judges from the previous Pacquiao-Marquez’s trilogy fights.

Filipinos invading Twitter: Georgina Wilson and Richard Yap

Filipinos are the hottest items in the world today. Aside from the Pacquiao-Marquez fight on November 13, 2011, there are 2 Filipinos who are now making noise to the internet world and in Hollywood.

Georgina Wilson, a Filipina-British model and VJ is now expanding her horizon by appearing as a guest in the 17th cycle of the world renowned America’s Next Top Model soon, the show is hosted by Tyra Banks.

Wilson announced her guest appearance via Twitter, a microblogging site, SO EXCITED to announce something that I’ve been keeping for so long now! I will be in this season of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL!!!! Season 17!

“It makes me so proud to represent the Philippines in a show that I love. I went with Bench @benchtm who was the clothing sponsor for semi finals of the current season of ANTM (the all star season). We shot it in Greece and I cant wait for it to come out! Airing 9th in US!,.” , “I joined as a guest model/stylist. I told the girls what to do for their semi finals challenge!” she tweeted separately.

Bench has announced its support for Wilson on its official Twitter page ”Georgina Wilson @iloveGEORGINA, a @BenchTM ambassador will be featured in America’s Next Top Model together”. Wilson has been its model for many years and has become the Bench ambassador.

Hours after the announcement, “America’s Next Top Model” became the third top trending topic followed by “#GeorginainANTM”.

The show will be aired in the Philippines soon.

Meanwhile, “Papa Chen” was the spotted in the top ten trending topics worldwide in Twitter last night. Fans couldn’t hold their excitement while watching the top rating show My Binondo Girl in ABS-CBN channel 2 at 9pm slot.

Papa Chen or Chen Sy(Richard Yap) the father of the lead character Jade Sy(Kim Chiu) gave his blessing to Andy Wu(Xian Lim) as her daughter’s boyfriend.

“My daughter is very precious to me. Take good care of her,” Chen Sy told Andy Wu in their dialogue. Andy replied “I will President Chen.”  Which have spurred Filipino netizens to tweet Papa Chen.

My Binondo Girl was Richard Yap’s first acting Project and has appeared in several Television commercials.

A pure Chinese but born and rose as a Filipino in Cebu has captured the heart of the “Masang Pinoy”.