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Former President Ramos’s daughter file sex rap complaint against two Azkal member

Azkals is set to be in an controversy once again as the daughter of Former President Fidel V. Ramos – Cristina “Cristy” Ramos, a sport official, file a complaint on two members of the Philippine Soccer Team for verbally harassing her.

Aside from being the Former President’s daughter, Cristy is also the former president of the Philippine Olympic Committee; and now serves as the match commissioner of Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

On a report on 24 Oras Weekend last March 3, Cristy Ramos write a letter on Lim Kia Tong, chairman of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Disciplinary Committee telling the verbally sexual harrasment that she get from Azkal members Lexton Moy at Angel Guirado.

“… Philippine player Lexton Moy (No. 25) stood by my right side and said in a loud voice ‘must be a B cup,’ to which the players laughed loudly,” told by Ramos on her complaint letter.

And “… when I checked Philippine player Angel Guirado [No. 12] he stood in front of me purposely just wearing his briefs and made no attempts to wear shorts or cover his underwear.”

These incident happen last February 28 at Discovery Suites Pasig, one day before their friendly match on Malaysia as she made a mandatory check on the team. James Younghuband however (their team captain) was there but did not do anything to control his fellow team-mates.

Meanwhile, Azkals Manager Dan Palami and head coach Michael Weiss was not their during the event. But on his official statement Palami said that he will never tolerate this kind of behavior.

“I will look into the circumstances of this alleged incident and cooperate with any investigation.

“If it is proven that there was in fact malicious intent, I will make sure that proper sanctions are meted out,”

And “On behalf of the team, I sincerely apologize to Commissioner Ramos for the distress this situation has caused her.”

Still, eventhough Palami did make apologize and as well as the two Azkal members Moy and Guirado, Ramos said that she is consistent of putting up a complaint against the Philippine Soccer Team.

Ramona Bautista now on Interpol’s wanted person list

Ramona Bautista is now on Interpol’s ( International Criminal Police Organization ) most wanted list after being involve by his brother’s death – Ramgen Revilla last October 28, 2011.

Under the offense of “Fugitives, Life and Health”, Ramona is set to be wanted here in the country and also by the International police. Other than that, two of her pictures are posted Interpol’s site as well as her other information such as her real name, birthday, place of birth, kulay ng mata at buhok, at language spoken.

These actions made by the International Police is resulted by NBI’s request to help them find Ramona who is one of the primary suspects in Ramgen murder case.

Her husband Engin Tuna Bülbüloglu who’s a Turkish says that her wife is innocent and has nothing to do with the case.

As of now, report says that the couple left Istanbul, Turkey and they are now on Cyprus to hide from the police.

Magic 89.9 denies terminating Angelicopter in favor of Grace Lee, but admits “misunderstanding” between the two DJs

As the issues burning up between the two disk jockey of Magic 89.9- Grace Lee and Angelicopter, finally the management released a press statement with regards on these matter.

Angelika Schmeing- Cruz aka Angelicopter said on a PEP interview last February 21 that her misunderstandings with Grace Lee is one of the reason why she kick out of the show (Good Times with Mo).

This is also confirmed by the Management of Magic and as they say:

“It is true that there was a misunderstanding between the two ladies.

“Admittedly, conflicts happen between jocks in radio shows specially in a high pressured show like Good Times. ”

These things and situations Angelika pointed out and she also said that Grace Lee didnt want her into the show and thus Management of the station favored what Grace said.

But still, the company denied this and according to them, the true reason why Angelika left out of the show is because of her overall performance in terms of her work.

“Her [Angelika] attention has been called several times due to internal issues.

“It was a matter decided after an ongoing assessment of her overall performance.

“Magic 89.9 has a culture of giving as many chances as possible provided those concerned show the capacity to improve their craft both off and on air.”

Here is the Full Statement that is released by Magic 89.9

“Recently, an article came out on Pep.PH which featured an interview with former Magic 89.9 jock Angelika “Angelicopter” Schmeing-Cruz. In the article, it was alleged that it was a misunderstanding between her and Good Times jock Grace Lee that caused her termination from the Station. It is true that there was a misunderstanding between the two ladies. Admittedly, conflicts happen between jocks in radio shows specially in a high pressured show like Good Times. However, it was NOT the reason Mrs. Schmeing Cruz was terminated. Her attention has been called several times due to internal issues. It was a matter decided after an on going assessment of her overall performance. Magic 89.9 has a culture of giving as many chances as possible provided those concerned show the capacity to improve their craft both off and on air. We’re saddened that it had to come to this.”

Meanwhile Mojo Jojo also left out the show thus leaving Mo (which is in the US), Grace Lee and new GTM Host — DJ Suzy.

Andi Eigenman back in showbiz

After giving birth, Andi Eigenman is now again ready to start working in showbizness.

“Double na po ‘yung kayod ko ngayon dahil second chance na ‘to para sa ‘kin. Gusto ko ipakita sa ABS-CBN na deserve ko ‘yung binibigay nila sa ‘kin na second chance, especially now that I have Ellie,” Andi said in a taped interview aired on “TV Patrol,” Feb. 20.

Talking about her baby girl, the young actress shared that she breast-feed her baby only for a month “because naubos agad ‘yung milk ko.”

She added, however, “But I have to say I think I’m hands-on. I’m at home most of the time, really making up time to stay with my baby as long as I can.”

Ellie will reportedly be baptized in April.

On the other hand, Andi talks about her lovelife and she says she’s not into rush.

“Hindi na po ako masyadong umaasa sa mga love life bilang nabigo na ‘ko dati. Pero masasabi ko lang [na] masayang-masaya po ako,” she admitted in a taped interview aired on “Paparazzi,” Feb. 19.

However she continued, “If ever there will be someone, or there is already someone, hindi ko po siya nira-rush or hindi ko po siya masyadong binibigyan muna ngayon ng focus.”

But she also asked if she’s afraid of falling in love again.

“I believe that there will be someone there who will not hurt me and who will love me for who I am,” she said.

On an episode last month in Kris TV, Andi confirmed that she is dating the former presidents son,  Jake Ejercito.

“Yes, yes, we’re really good friends, and he will always be special to me,” she said in the same “TV Patrol” story.

Mommy Dionisia relieved over Manny’s plan to retire

MANILA, Philippines – It looks like Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao’s prayers have finally been answered with her son, Manny, seriously mulling over retiring from boxing by 2013.

She couldn’t be more grateful over the news. Although she’s been supportive of her son throughout his career, Mommy D has always been vocal about her wish for the boxing superstar to hang his gloves up.

“Nagpapasalamat ako sa Panginoon. Maraming, maraming salamat sa Diyos na mag-retiro na siya,” she said in an interview with “TV Patrol,” Feb. 15.

Manny’s recent spiritual rebirth seemed to have broadened his perspective not only in boxing but life in general. The fierce fighter is now regarded as a “Bible ambassador,” sharing the holy word to his family, peers, and anyone with a willing ear.

“Nakokonsensiya nga ako eh, ‘pag iniisip ko lalaban ulit ako tapos magsusuntukan kami ng kalaban ko. Sinasabihan ako na, ‘Tama na ‘yan, kasi hindi maganda dahil nagsasakitan kayo,’” said he.

He assured, though, that his match with American boxer Timothy Bradley, Jr.—set on June 9 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada—will push through.

Mommy D is likewise happy over Manny’s spiritual growth, turning away from his vices such as drinking and gambling. He also plans to shut his bar down, and has already given away his roosters, which he uses for cockfighting.

Apparently, the “Pacmom” has prayed for her son’s change for the better.

“Iyak ako, iyak. Nakaharap sa altar…” she told “TV Patrol” in another interview, Feb. 13.

Meanwhile, Mommy D had a good time on Valentine’s Day even without a date. She danced and bonded with her friends at a resto bar in General Santos City.

She also enthused about receiving gifts from her pals.

“’Yung pinakamalaking teddy bear, [galing] sa mga friends ko galing Polomolok (South Cotabato),” said she with a wide smile.


Marian and Dingdong Valentines Date

At first place, Dingdong Dantes is undecided where to take Marian Rivera on Valentine’s Day, because he is one of the special guests on the Valentine concert of Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velazquez-Alcasid in Araneta Coliseum.

It was one of the big reasons why Dingdong was undecided where to take his Girlfriend.  Based on Dingdong, “I will be at Kuya Ogie and Ate Regine’s concert. Pagkatapos noon, hindi ko pa alam, e. Pero after no’n, magkikita kami. So, bahala na kung saan kami mapupunta.”

When the day run fast ,  Dingdong already decides where to celebrate their Valentine’s Day. So the Valentine concert of Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velazquez-Alcasid was come, after the concert Dingdong took Marian to a romantic candle lit dinner in a restaurant near Malacanang. Dingdong says:

Nung pumasok  siya sa buhay ko, eh nabigay niya sakin yung totoong kahulugan nun na yun talaga ang araw ng mga puso,so un.” Marian was surprised about the dinner, “Siguro masasabi ko, one of the best na magkasama kaming dalawa kasi hindi ko ineexpect kala ko lang magdidiner kami , hindi ko alam na yung dinner na pala na yun eh,  nasa isang room lang kami may mga kandila tapos sobrang formal siya, so wala lang kinilig talaga ko .”   Of course Marian has a gift for Dingdong Dantes, it was a card and an Angel pin that says “you’re my guardian angel”.

Marian Rivera shared with Lhar Santiago that she gave Dingdong Dantes a card and an Angel pin that says “you’re my guardian angel”. Dingdong took Marian to a romantic candle lit dinner in a restaurant near Malacanang. Marian is still kilig about the dinner surprise.

MTRCB with the its new rating: SPG

With the new chief MTRCB Grace Poe-Llamanzares, they implemented a new rating called SPG (Striktong Patnubay at Gabay or Strong Parental Guidance) other than the existing ones like GP and PG, PG-13 and X.

But the question is What is the difference between SPG and PG? To answer that, Funfare had this article and they print the MTRCB “uncensored” welcome remarks.

Good afternoon, media partners, network representatives and MTRCB deputies.We thank you for your presence here this afternoon. It must be acknowledged that without your cooperation, your personal initiatives and corporate commitment for social responsibility, we will not be able to successfully implement our new classification system for television.

From the onset, the goal of this Board is to strike a balance between upholding freedom of expression, and creative freedom for the network stakeholders at the same time safeguard the inherent right of parents to protect their children.

For years, the tug of war was between those who pushed the limits of artistic freedom, against those that were considered conservatives for supposedly upholding good moral standards. The efforts of both camps are not without merit. However, taken for granted in the process were the most defenseless members of our society. Our children.

Many here if not all members of our Board believe that adults can basically decide for themselves, right or wrong and watch whatever they like. The truth is a third of our population or 34 percent are 14 years of age and below, and since television is the most prevalent form of media, the MTRCB needs to be extra cautious when considering policies and regulations.

Self-regulation has been the battle cry of many from the movie and TV industries. I personally am for self-regulation. From the time the MTRCB was created, the foundation for self-regulation was not laid out very clearly. This is something that is not achieved overnight! Lest it becomes burdensome and suffer a backlash from the public. To have a self-regulating body in the industry, the key components are: audience awareness + audience empowerment  + industry accountability = our gold standard which is our pot of gold and reward = self-regulation.

The nuclear family is the most important unit of society and if the family is not protected, any initiative for national progress will have little chance of success. The foundation of a child is molded and strengthened at home. If the foundation of a child is weak, nation building cannot be possible.

Network producers are aware that with the SPG classification, we encourage them to know the content of their programs because they will have to specify exactly what in their content warrants an SPG-rating. They cannot just slap an SPG rating without indicating if it is the violence, the sex or language that make it such.

Today, we ask our partners in the television industry to join us in our campaign to explain to the public the meaning and importance of classification.

Let us get the members of the Filipino household to take part in our campaign.

The MTRCB Board is not trying to pull its weight by citing a regulation that will compel networks whether they like it or not to show the ad. What we are trying to foster is mutual cooperation.

This is our chance to show that we are working hand in hand to prove that the television industry is serious in its pursuit of responsible self-regulation.

Our efforts will not be wasted…The average Filipino Child watches 21 hours of television programming per week. The MTRCB cannot be physically monitoring every single household. With the classification advisory, we are able to develop a sense of responsibility among the parents to take an active role in monitoring the viewing habits of their children.

Ang  Tamang Gabay ay Naguumpisa sa Bahay.’

In line with our TVC launch, the MTRCB is proud to feature the family of Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villarroel to be the symbol of our campaign. Theirs is an inspiring Filipino family. Beautiful, responsible, involved and accomplished. A household led by two busy working parents who are able to raise to wonderful and intelligent children by making sure that they take the time to personally supervise and nurture their children in their vital growing years.

Carla Abellana’s all set to become a Kapamilya

After all the rumors that the GMA-7 star Carla Abella is set to switch network,  now it is confirmed that she is poised up and ready to be a new Kapamilya.

A source confirmed to Manila Bulletin Online Entertainment that Carla is without a doubt leaving her home studio. Her camp has negotiated for her to move to ABS-CBN, as her contract with GMA is about to expire this month.

Also, the same source said that Carla and her manager Arnold Vegafria did consider many things but then again what came up with their decision is that the networks priorities when it comes to giving projects to its roster of talents.

“Ang priorities daw kasi sa Siyete ay sina Marian Rivera, Barbie Forteza at Bea Binene in that order,” said the source.

Carla is also avoiding the rumors that there was no offer from ABS-CBN, in a report last Feb 1 on PEP, she said that, ” “Hindi ko pa nababasa ‘yong offer ng ABS-CBN. Although I’m aware na meron, hindi ko pa nababasa”.

She also asked for time off from GMA after completing her soap.

“Humingi ako ng ilang linggong pahinga para rin ma-take ko ‘yong opportunity na makapag-isip din ako at ma-clear ko ‘yong head ko,” she said in the PEP interview.

Carla is surely making a big step toward her career.

“Sabi ko nga, hindi na ako bumabata. Hindi naman ako puwede na teeny-bopper forever. Career, roles… ano pa ang ibang magagawa ko? Sino pa ang ibang puwede kong makatrabaho?” she explained.

Carla was launched by GMA in 2009 via the Philippine version of the Mexicanovela “Rosalinda” where she was paired with Geoff Eigenmann. This was followed by another pairing in “Magic Palayok.”

What Sharon doesn’t know

After the long wait of reteam-up of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Conception. Fans of the famous 80′s love team would be disappointed as their movie might not be pushed through.

On Feb. 11, Sharon and Martin Nievera are starring in the Valentine concert Once In A Lifetime at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. As a kilig factor, the producers decided to invite the stars’ exes as guests — Gabby for Sharon and Pops Fernandez for Martin.Thankfully, Gabby and Pops were “game.”

But as for Sharon’s husband Sen. Kiko Pangilinan objected and he had a good reason to. Their daughters Frankie and Miel will be in the audience and they might be too young to comprehend why their mom would be having fun onstage with another man. Sharon and Gabby’s daughter KC is old enough, so no problem with her.

Well if that is the case, Gabby reconsidered his decision to do a movie with Sharon because it might create exactly that kind of problem since the movie’s promo would certainly hark back to their past. That would be too “disturbing” for Sharon and Kiko’s younger daughters.

Certainly, Gabby is right in deciding not to appear as guest in Sharon and Martin’s concert and in bending  out of the movie project, giving as alibi the fact that his wife Ginbee is giving birth, never mind if there were insinuations that he was asking for an “unaffordable” talent fee. He was not.

Could it be true that Sharon is the last to know?

source: ricky lo:

Nadia Montenegro files three more cases against Annabelle Rama

Nadia Montenegro files another three more case against the Annabelle Rama. The said cases which includes Attempted Murder, Grave Coercion, and Grave Oral Defamation, in which she filed last February 1 at San Juan Prosecutor’s Office, due to what Rama did last January 30 as she made a scene outside the San Juan Prosecutor’s Office as she challenge Nadia to come out.

Annabelle Rama had also taken by force her drivers ‘manebela’ as she planned of ‘killing’ Montenegro as soon as she step out of the building.

Meanwhile, Annabelle has advised by her lawyers to keep in silent about the case, for as she is not yet receiving any affidavit from the camp of Nadia.

But on a pep interview she said that: “Maski mag-file siya ng twenty times na kaso, okay lang sa akin.

“Madali lang naman mag-file, e, fifty pesos lang naman bayad, di ba?

“Ako naman, hindi basta-basta nagpa-file hangga’t hindi ako sigurado, e.

“Siya kasi, file lang nang file para magamit lang ang pangalan ko, gusto lang niya maki-ride on sa akin, hindi naman siya sikat.”

“Ang problema diyan, ang buwelta ko.

“Dun mo ngayon itatanong ang buwelta ko sa kanya.

“Kasi madali mag-file, magdemanda. Ang buwelta ko sa ‘yo, ano ba?

“Natutulog lang ba ako? Hindi!

“Hindi ako kagaya ng ibang kalaban mo na kayang-kaya mong tapak-tapakan.

“Hindi ako natutulog.

“Gising na gising ako, Nadia Montenegro. Dinemanda mo ako, sasagutin ko at tatapusin ko pa!”

But as for Nadia, all that Annabelle Rama has been doing, she doesn’t know now whether she is safe or not.