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Erick Santos: The Jim Brickman Song Book

Erick is so happy that he was chosen to work with Jim Brickman. He went to Los Angeles to record all the song to be included in the album “Erick Santos:The Jim Brickman Song Book”.
Some of the song included in the album is Jim Brickman’s Very popular song “Valentine and Destiny”.

Erick said that Jim Brickman is so kind, ” I really had a great time working with him”, Erick added. Erick learned a lot working with award winning American singer.

Jim Brickman will come to Philippines to join Erick in a one major concert.

I am so proud of Erick, that he’d be able to work with Jim Brickman. Erick not only conquer Philippines but all international. It’s not surprising because we all know that Erick is really a great singer. Filipino’s are really very talented , we don’t only excel in sports but also in singing and acting. “Iba talaga ang pinoy”.8

Eugene Domingo: Misunderstanding to Regal

Moving to other networks doesn’t affects Eugene Domingo’s popularity. In fact, she’s always seen on TV, she has so many appearance in different shows of GMA. She is part of GMA’s eugene_domingocomedy series “Adik Sa’yo”, starring Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin, Jennica Garcia and Dennis Trillo.

She already started shooting movie produced by Mr. Piolo Pascual “kimmy Dora”.

It took about one year for Regal Film to plan the movie “Aswang ang Nanay ko”, wherein Ai ai Delas Alas plays the role of “Aswang” and Eugene will act as “Sidekick witch.”

The role supposed to be given to Eugene but unfortunately she had a misunderstanding to regal. If ever Eugene pursue the movie “aswang ang nanay ko”, she will be starting shooting the first week of September.

I really admired Eugene for she is very versatile actress. No matter what network she’ll goes she still shine.

Stef Prescot dream to step on the stardom

Stef Prescott started in Starstruck with her Co-star Kris and Aljur whom are also her co-star in GMA Prime time soap opera “all my life”.
She mentioned that she’s really grateful to once again she was given a chance to work with her starstruck batch mates and friends. When she found out that Kris and Aljur will lead a soap in prime time and that she will be part of it she said that “sige gusto ko yan”.

Stef just became real and practical in admitting that she is hoping that someday she will also have her own project in GMA.

Everyone in showbiz always pray that they become what they want and be famous. “You just really have to be patient, It comes and goes”, stef added.

Almost all newcomers ad even old in showbiz industry are dreaming and hoping to be given a role that will bring them in stardom. “Luckily” , are those who already achieved these opportunity. All i can say to you stef, don’t be tired of waiting because sooner or later, time will come and you will shine like a diamond.

Carla Abellana: Still pressured until now

No matter how busy Carla Abellana in her hectic schedules, she still manage to enjoy the taping of Rosalinda, she was asked what what are the changes happened to her from the moment Rosalinda started, she said “Appetite first, then energy and Lifestyle.

In the press conference of Rosalinda held recently, Carla once said that many still don’t know her, but now,she’s popular anywhere she go all the people see her call her Rosalinda.
What can Carla say with the rating of Rosalinda that sometimes they top and sometimes their opponent lead?

“Opo, on and off siya”, Carla revealed what is important is the story still good and there still people who support the show.

Does she feel pressured until now ?

“Nandiyan pa rin”, Carla admitted. And it grows and grows since Rosalinda started . Despite of this, she can still manage because there are many people who always there to support and assist her.

Even Carla is a newcomer, she really gives her best so that i also give my fullest to support her. Carla just always remember that we, your fans , always be there for you to support. More Powers for you Carla “Rosalinda”.

Richard Gutierrez: shocked on Nomar’s wife decisions

Last May 22, 2009, Richard Gutierrez was accident in cavite, and everyone was all shocked. Luckily Richard survived with that tremendous accident. Unfortunately, Richards production assistant did not survived.

Richard was shocked when he found out that Nomar’s wife – Lorrayne is filing a case against him- Reckless Imprudence Resulting Homicide.
“Kung gusto talaga nila ng hustisya baki kailangan pang mapainterview sa TV at i-announce na magsasampa sila ng kaso, bakit kailangan pang magpapresscon, bakit hindi nalang agad sila nagsampa ng kaso”, said richard.
Gusto lang nila sirain ang image ko”, richard added.

When Richard went out from the hospital , he said to the public that he will support the study of Nomar’s children but Nomar’s family refused the offer. Instead they are asking for four million cash.

Despite of these incidents, we pray that Richard surpass all this struggles.
It’s hard to think that there are people who will try their best to put you down even you are already offering yourself.

Rafael Rosell: Midnight Phantom DJ

Precious Heart Romance is begun conquering the Televison with the very popular “Bud Brothers” and now its new series “Midnight Phantom DJ” wherein we will all once again see Rafael Rosell fall in love – but now , he’ll be falling to his “Listener”.
What else Rafael can say about his leading Ladies?

Even though Ina Raymundo has family already, she still maintained her very sexy body, “Napakaswerte ng husband at child ni Ina”, Rafael added.

He also said that he is very comfortable working with his another lady “Denisse Laurel” since they are close friend and they often talk.

Whoever lady partner to Rafael will surely make a big difference! with his killer smile? for sure a lot of woman heart will be captivated. I can’t wait how Rafael will capture the hearts of many ladies.!

Jericho Rosales: Heart here in my Heart

There are rumors spreading that Heart Evangelista is dating other guy.

What could Jericho says with this issue?

Jericho said that “it cannot be avoid to happened”, i wish her all the best” ,jericho added.jericho-rosales-heart Heart is rumored dating Dennis Trillo,and Jericho is not jealous about it.

“Hindi ko nman itinatago ang feelings ko para kay heart”, Heart will always be Heart here in my heart”, jericho explained.

Jericho and Heart broke last year because of rumored exploded that jericho has other women, including her malaysian leading lady in his, ABS-CBN soap opera the beautiful Carmen Soo. This may be the reason why Heart moved to GMA network.

For a Fan like us, we have to accept the truths that they cannot be together again. Or they will team-up in a movie or TV show. We have to wait patiently. I like their “Tandem”, and i felt sad that they broke up.

Kris Aljur vs. Kim Gerald Loveteam


Kris Bernal started in Startruck and paired with the ultimate survivor Aljur Abrenica. Due to the popularity of their “Tandem”, they where given a soap opera at GMA Drama Hapon entitled “Dapat ka bang Mahalin”, that got a high ratings. This was also the reason why they are given a chance to be seen on GMA’s Telebabad. Their new soap, “All my Life” is airing during 6:00-6:30 in the evening.Their loveteam now is GMA’s bet with ABS-CBN’s Kim and Gerald hottest loveteam. Kim and Gerald are the actors in ABSCBN Top rating prime time drama “Tayong Dalawa”.

“Nanliliit ako sa tuwing nabubuksan ang usapan sa pagkukumpara nila sa loveteam namin ni Aljur, with Kim and Gerald’s love team”, kasi matagal na silang binibuild-up ano naman ang laban namin”, said kris. Kris & Aljur’s love team was given a title which is “Royal Couple of Prime time “, but which Kris refused to accept.
She was grateful with the title given to them, though, they still have lots to prove to deserve that title. She wants to prove that their love team will meet the expectations of people.

As much as possible, they don’t have to rely on their love team, because later on they will be pair to another star as part of their showbiz career. Actress/Actors don’t have to take much time for the comparisons made by people around them. Because every actress has a talent although in different categories. Both of them were in good race to their career.

Jennica Garcia: Supportive Daughter

Being a Captain of their Baranggay, her father had done many accomplishment such as building a daycare center, she always come with her father whenever they have mission to do.
“Ginagawa ko po ito para maiparamdam ko sa aking ama na lagi lang akong andiyan para sa kanya, para suportahan siya sa lahat ng kanyang gagawin”, Jennica said.

She is not only a loving lady in work but also in her family who never cease to support her.

It’s not also impossible if someday Jennica fall in love with a person older than her, because she really like matured guys for she is very matured. “Naniniwala talaga ako sa soulmate”, she added. She felt sad that Mark Escudero wasn’t her soulmate.See related article..

Manilyn Reynes: All around Mom – a mother, a wife, actress and a singer!

Manilyn Reynes will act as Eva Castillo’s life story in SRO “Eva Castillo Story”. Way back in 1980′sregine Velasquez rival in singing, was Eva Castillo.
Manilyn accepted the role without any hesitation because she loves music and she knew, she can relate in Eva’s life story.

In her early life she started as a singer before she became popular and given a big break in acting.She had done movies with Ogie Alcasid, Charito Solis and team-up with Romnick Sarmienta.
Although she is very busy promoting her latest album, she never forget her responsibility as a wife to her husband and a mom to her children.
She is really an all around Mommy, she manage her time wisely, so she have time to have bonding in her family.